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People will do anything for love—including pitching a fit, dropping an F-bomb or throwing some hands. At least that’s what 90 Day Fiancé revealed in episode 8. We watched in disbelief while asking ourselves: why are these couples together? Despite the drama, we can take away a few things from this episode:

  1. One can pursue their dreams and be a responsible adult at the same time.
  2. A real friend will call you out on your bullshit. 
  3. Sometimes it’s best to mind your own damn business 
  4. You think that you can’t live without someone until you live with them. 


Shaeeda and Bilal


Shaeeda tells Bilal that she will not be joining him at Jummah service. Bilal protests while attempting to give his fiancé a lesson is Islam. The lifelong Muslima reminded her future husband that attending Jummah service is obligatory for men, but optional for women. Bilal tries convincing Shaeeda to change her mind but she stands firm in her decision. 

Bilal returns home to find water on the floors and silverware that is not cleaned and placed in the wrong place. The fastidious homeowner was perturbed and perplexed when he learned Shaeeda took the pin from her hijab and placed it in the arm of his “expensive couch.” Sis doesn’t see a problem with this because the pin will not damage the couch. Two things can be true at the same time. When it comes to domestic duties, the couple is on opposite sides of the spectrum. For this marriage to work, Shaeeda needs to tidy up a bit and Bilal needs to chill out a lot.  


Ari and Bini 


Bini has found a trainer to help him pursue his dream of becoming an MMA fighter.  Ari is resentful when she learns that the daily training sessions will last for several hours leaving her alone to care for their son. The aggrieved mother walks into the gym to find Bini sparring with a woman. The fighters are entangled (no pun intended) on a wrestling mat as trainer instructs them. Ari explodes. She asks Bini why he didn’t tell her that his training partner is a woman. She had the audacity to ask fightergirl why she’s wearing lashes and makeup to practice. It’s probably not a good idea to run up on MMA fighters talking reckless—just saying. It’s obvious that Bini’s past behavior has left Ari with some serious trust issues. Her insecurities are justifiable, but her behavior is not. 

Emily and Kobe



Kobe asks Emily’s parents to allow him to help on the family’s farm. While Kobe is cleaning out the stable, overbearing Emily tries to “help” him by offering suggestions. Brotherman becomes increasingly annoyed and asks her to stop. She does just the opposite. He finally asks his future wife to “shut the fuck up.” Whoa. It’s clear that Kobe’s outburst is a result of tension that had been building up for some time, but telling your fiancé to shut the F up, especially in front of her mother, is never okay. It will be difficult to recover from this. 


Miona and Jibri 


The lovers head to Chicago, so that Jibri can reunite with his band. They meet up with Jibri’s best friend and bandmate David. The rapper, who gives off strong Vanilla Ice vibes, encourages Jibri to come back to work. This is when we learn that Vanilla Ice owns a trucking company. He also gifted his friend with an 18-wheeler truck. Jibri declines the offer, stating that he wants to focus on music. Miona agrees. Wait a damn minute! Jibri, has a CDL, a truck, a job offer and a fiancé that wants to live lavishly in Los Angeles, but he is refusing to work? Miona is supporting this?  Make it make sense. 

Bestie doesn’t sugarcoat the truth—the couple is irresponsible. During rehearsal Jibri and Vanilla Ice have a disagreement that results in a tussle. Whew Chile, how did we get here? 

 We’ll have to wait until next week to see if the friends can recover from their physical altercation. Apparently fighting is their thing. According to Jibri, David put him in a coma once—A coma.

90 Day Fiancé will return to TLC on Sunday, June 5th at 8pm EST.  

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