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If you have a partner, do you still need to masturbate? Should you masturbate? Hell yes!

There are several benefits of masturbation, especially when you’re involved. And don’t ever tolerate a partner who tells you otherwise. A partner who is worried that your self-pleasure will somehow detract from your love life is, well, trying to tell you what to do with your body. And that is – given everything going on in society right now – not okay. Besides, masturbating while in a relationship is pretty normal. A study conducted by Tenga found that most people in a relationship masturbate ten times per month.

Those couples might know what sex, love and health experts have long known: that masturbating is actually good for a relationship. Actually, check out these six benefits of masturbation in a relationship.


You Sleep Better

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The National Library of Medicine has documented the fact that sleep issues and relationship issues tend to go hand in hand. Fights about sleep are common in relationships, and sleepless nights make other fights worse. The good news is research from the Prime Men’s Medical Center reports that masturbation helps a person fall asleep quicker. And sleeping better makes you less grumpy (and less prone to arguing).


You’re Happier

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Being happy in a relationship starts with being happy as an individual, and Science Alert says that when you orgasm, you release dopamine, the neurotransmitter and hormone that makes you feel happy. Orgasms also release oxytocin, which is the bonding hormone, and women actually release oxytocin long after orgasm. So just because you climax on your own doesn’t mean that self-pleasure can’t also help you feel more bonded to a partner.


You Can Guide Your Partner

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Masturbating regularly helps you get to know your body better. You can figure out what sort of pressure, speed and other sensations work for you. You can also explore toys and find out what you like before integrating them into partner play. The more you know what works for you, the more you can instruct a partner and experience a more satisfying sex life.


Help Yourself When A Partner Can’t

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One board-certified sex therapist told WebMD that masturbation can address a common problem in relationships: an imbalance of sexual desire. It’s common in a relationship that one partner wants to have sex more frequently than the other. If that’s you, then masturbation gives you an outlet for that desire when your partner isn’t in the mood. That means you don’t need to resent your partner for keeping you from orgasming.


Naughty Videos Can Inspire You

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One of the benefits of masturbation is finding new ideas for your sex life. If you pair masturbation with some adult videos, then you can get new ideas and inspiration from said videos. You can learn about new positions, new toys, role-play scenarios and more. This is especially helpful for long-term couples who are running out of ways to keep things fresh.


Reduce Orgasm Resentment

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Sometimes, your partner just won’t get the job done. Partner sex doesn’t always result in orgasm for women (and we know that’s an understatement). But, sex promotes intimacy and is good for a relationship, so when that Big O doesn’t come with it, you can just step into the other room and handle things yourself. Then you don’t need to resent a partner for leaving you with blue…ovaries?

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