Terribly Tatted Up: When Celebrities Get Ratchet Tattoos for the Ones They Love

January 19, 2012  |  
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You have probably already heard about the new tattoo Chris Brown has (stans would say it’s old, but who’s keeping up with the dates?). To show his love for girlfriend Karrueche Tran, Brown got a tattoo of the young lady’s face on his arm. And you know there’s nothing that says I love you like permanent tattoos of a person you’re not even married to…(*sarcasm*). If you’ve followed any of our tattoo stories from back in the day, you know it’s a horribly bad idea to get a tattoo of the person you’re with, whether it’s their name or their face–anything = bad idea. Just because you’re with them now doesn’t mean you’ll be with them forever, and who needs a constant reminder of something that didn’t work?

But with all the money Chris has, I’m sure he could get that removed if worse came to worse (or if he got back with Rihanna). And speaking of tattoo removal, he’s not the first celeb to get a random tattoo on them for the one they love. Just take a look at the following folks who need to go ahead and burn their symbols of love off. Notice how most of these folks are men. We told you: when men love, they love HARD.

(*Note: Shout outs to the late Amy Winehouse’s “Blake” tattoo, which was on the list originally.)


Girl…we love you, but you have GOT to do better (and yes I said “GOT”). Way before being sued by Antwaun Cook’s actual wife, way before the suicide attempt or the pregnancy and subsequent birth of her son (a son Antwaun isn’t contributing all that much to), Fanny went out and got this tattoo near her shoulder that was a proclamation to homeboy. As you can see, it’s nothing slick or in another language–it flat out says COOK and has a heart next to it. Yikes. She tried to get it covered later, but still…the evidence of what it looked like before is all over the place. She didn’t waste any time with this trifling fella, and since she seems so head over heels into her relationship with Cook now, let’s hope it turns out the way she hopes. Though we hear this dog is back to his old tricks

Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine and Janet were together for YEARS. Almost seven years to keep it real, and while we never really understood their love, they truly seemed to fancy each other deeply. So to show his love, Jermaine got a tattoo of Janet looking something like the Virgin Mary on his side. Too bad they didn’t make it out of dating mode and broke up around the time Janet was mourning the death of her brother Michael. As bad as it must have hurt to see that relationship end, for Dupri, I’m thinking it hurts ten times more to see her face on his body still. And no, it wasn’t a small tattoo, it was a big one–a BIG fail.

Angelina Jolie

Who remember how random and over-the-top this relationship was? These two had blood vials for each other, they were always making out in public, talking about engaging in sexual activities in their limo. Really son? Ever heard of too much information? Right after the two married, Angie proclaimed her love for Billy Bob Thornton by getting his name tatted on her arm, big and bold over a dragon. And while it seemed like a great idea when she was soooooo in love with Billy, turns out it wasn’t after she allegedly found out he was having his cake and eating it too. After the two broke things off, she had the tattoo removed–one of the first celebs I’ve seen do such a thing (the rest of the people on this list should take notes…).


Do you know how many men have said they had love for Aaliyah since she passed away? Too many to count, but most probably had never met her, and really didn’t know much about the chick outside of her music videos and few acting roles. Drake may have done his research on Baby Girl, but he never had the chance to meet her. But still, that didn’t stop the rapper from getting a tattoo of the late singer on his back. Not her name, not a symbol for her name, HER FACE. While some might find that sweet, I get more of a creep mode vibe from it. We get it: you thought she was gorgeous, her music influenced you, you would have tried to date her if she were still alive–that still doesn’t warrant a tattoo son. If DAMON DASH doesn’t have one and they were actually an item, you might just be doing the absolute most, Drizzy.


As if a tattoo of a loved one isn’t bad enough, while married to singer Kelis, Nas went ahead and had her whole body tattooed on his right arm, topless. I’m sure she was too thrilled about that one…not. And we know he wasn’t very thrilled to have homegirl on his arm after they decided to part ways and she wanted those dollar, dollar bills…ya’ll. Though he did want to get the tattoo removed, he instead chose to cover up her face as a whole, and keep the tat, throwing a lions head over Kelis’ face. Safe to say, it looks all kinds of crazy. Should have just shelled out the money to get that bad boy removed bruh.

Nick Cannon

Okay, so this relationship is not the publicity stunt I initially thought it was. Shut my mouth! They have #dembabies now, and everytime we see Nick, he’s gushing about his boo. Let’s just hope she truly feels the same way, otherwise, that “Mariah” tattoo he has on his back is going to be a b**** to get off. Sprawled across his back in huge letters, we imagine it took a good minute to get tattooed, and it’s probably going to take a good minute and a miracle to get it all off–if he ever needs to…

Brian “Baby” Williams & Weezy

We know Baby has a lot of love for Lil Wayne. Not only has he said that he does and looks at him as a son, but we’ve seen them kiss each other–on the lips. But to prove his devotion to the uber-popular rapper, Baby has Weezy tattooed on his chest–his face that is. Weezy even has a tattoo of a bird on his arm for Baby, who we all know likes to go by “Birdman” too. Who else is wondering if they went to the tattoo parlor together to get this done? Adorable! While I’m sure their bond is and will continue to be strong, I don’t think getting a tattoo for one another was the route to go. Why not just buy matching Bugattis? Just a thought.

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