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We know that talent runs in the family of many of our favorite celebrities – many we see on a daily basis.  But I bet there are a few you didn’t know…shoot, there are a couple I didn’t know myself!  Check out the next few pages and see how many of them rang a bell for you!

Bill Bellamy & Shaq

I guess funny runs in the family because comedian Bill and former NBA player/always funny man Shaq are cousins.

Madonna & Ellen did some digging a couple of years ago and found out that these two are related by a 10th great-grandfather.  Madonna clearly comes from a family of talent because she’s also distantly related to Celine Dion and Gwen Stefani.

Monica & Ludacris

R&B and Hip-hop served with southern style, these two are cousins.

Ben & Jerry Stiller

For some odd reason, it never once occurred to me that these two were father and son but they are! I’ve never seen Seinfeld but Jerry Stiller has been in Hollywood so long that few people don’t know his face. His son Ben is also an actor and comedian with my favorite movie of his being “Meet the Parents.”

Vince Carter & Tracy McGrady

“Playful” games around the family reunion may have become a case of who had the most “hops” with Vince and Tracy being cousins.

K-ci & JoJo & Fantasia/Dave Hollister

If I EVER had the opportunity to be in the house with any of these sets of cousins, you wouldn’t be able to tell me that I can’t sing – harmony be damned. LOL! Now, we know K-Ci & JoJo and Fantasia by way of their fathers being brothers but we’re still working on how K-ci & JoJo and Dave Hollister share their “cousinship.”  Seeing as though we’ve never heard about Tasia Mae and Dave being related, I assume it is on their mother’s side.

Jenny & Melissa McCarthy

No way down the line kinship here, funny ladies and actresses Jenny and Melissa are first cousins. Side Note: If you’ve never seen Bridesmaids, do yourself a favor and check it out. Melissa steals the entire show!

Chad & Syleena Johnson

This is one that has always made me raise an eyebrow but according to both of them, they have the same father (famous soul singer, Syl Johnson) and different mothers. They haven’t even been photographed together but he was featured in her latest video for the song, “A Boss.”

Wood & Steve Harris

I was oddly excited to find out these two were brothers because they’re two of my favorite actors.  When necessary, they become very intense.

Cash & Michael Warren

Usually when I find out about a famous father and son team, I almost always know more about the son’s career than the father’s career. But this time, it is safe to say that father Michael has appeared in more shows that I like (Living Single, Soul Food, etc…) than I’ve ever seen his son Cash in (I know he’s married to Jessica Alba and was in Fantastic Four with her).  Dad is pretty good looking, huh?

Al Roker & Lenny Kravitz

I can’t even believe this one but Al Roker stated that he and Roxie Roker’s (Lenny’s mom) grandfathers were cousins so they are too!

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