7 Things Grown Women Don’t Fall For

January 17, 2012  |  
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The less experience you have, the less you have to compare to. But, after you’ve been out there for a while as a single female, there are just some things that you discover are complete BS. Like these:

It’s Just Sex

Oh yeah? Well then you can just wait. When you’re younger, some guys will try to sleep with you very quickly and say “it’s just sex, it won’t change anything.” And you know what? Sometimes, it’s true! But, after getting around more, you learn that the good guys never push it.

I’m Allergic To Commitment 

In your younger years, this sounds like a challenge. You want to convert the guy to the religion of commitment-to-you. You get a rush from the idea that, if this guy can change his ways for you, that means he is super passionate about you. When you get older, the “I’m allergic to commitment” line is a red flag. Actually, it sinks the whole ship. You don’t find it exciting anymore. You find it immature. And you know that good, mature men who are ready to give you what you need are the actual exciting ones.

My phone died, it was too loud to call, I forgot, it went straight to your voicemail

None of these excuses fly when you’ve been out in the dating world for a while. There is a crucial rule that you learn after being out there for a while—if he likes you, he shows it. He isn’t calling or texting as a chore. He is doing it because he wants to get ahold of you. And a dead phone, or a loud bar isn’t going to stop him.

You’re Being Dramatic 

About his friend who is always rude to him, or a certain female friend who is blatantly trying to seduce your boyfriend, or the fact that he always changes plans on you at the last minute. When you’re young, you are easily intimidated and you so don’t want to be seen as “the dramatic girl” so, when a guy does something to piss you off and he tells you to “just be cool about it,” you fall silent. When you get older, you say “no, YOU be cool and cut the crap.”  Intimidation tactics don’t work on you anymore.

I’m just a spontaneous guy

You hear this a lot from the guy who only asks you to hang out at midnight, or can never just say yes to a specific day and time. He pretty much comes and goes as he pleases and he tells you it’s just because he is a “spontaneous guy.” BullShyte. After you’ve dated a lot of men, you learn quickly that the ones who really like you make time for you. They reserve your time. It is important to them to get to see you, and if an actual plan is what it takes, they make one.

I’m Not Drunk – It’s Fine 

A lot of men don’t like to admit when they have had too much to drink. They never want to look out of control of the situation, or appear that they cannot be the “protector” so, they refuse to hail a cab. They want to drive. They’re a man. And you don’t want to be a nag so you don’t push the cab thing. When you get older, you don’t stand for this. It’s either a cab or you’re not going anywhere. Your life is way more important than his pride.

I’m Clean 

You accumulate a lot of knowledge about sexual health as you get older. When you were younger, if a guy could show you clean test results from a few weeks back, you say “okay” and skip the condom. As you get older, you learn that there are a lot of STD’s that lie dormant for a long time. And that that little piece of paper he is waving around should not be his ticket to unprotected sex.


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