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Our Kind Of People

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It’s Juneteenth and a lot is happening in Oak Bluffs. 

Lauren is happy to be out of that sticky situation but is still questioning whether  her secret lover will snitch. She lets her dad know she’s in love with Taylor. To our surprise, he’s supportive and let’s her know he loves her.

Leah tries to get things in order for her Juneteenth event. She educates Lauren on the importance of their Juneteenth event because it was started by her mother. She shares the meaning around the roses and how they represent the Franklin’s family transformation from trauma to strength like any other powerful black family. Of course, this is a way to educate viewers as well. 

Angela and Leah keep up their secret sibling rivalry as Angela tries to get accepted to the incubator program. Leah voices her bougie disdain for the packaging of Angela’s product. She uses words like “ghetto” to describe how cheap and unappealing it looks. Angela stands her ground unapologetically, and reinforces the messaging. But, of course, Leah has the final say.

The two meet outside. Leah tries to reassure her that she’s that hard on all candidates in the running for the incubator program. Angela sees right through Leah’s fake love but still contributes to the phoniness, letting Leah know she didn’t take anything personal. Meanwhile disgust for one another is written all over their faces. Angela starts to sing a freedom song to distract the fact that she is scraping Leah’s car with her keys. 

Our Kind Of People

Source: Courtesy of FOX / Fox

Raymond steps to Teddy about his business but gets shut down by Daddy Franklin because well–Daddy Franklin. 

Leah visits Momma Rose and has a flashback of one of her mother’s irrational episodes. However, now that she knows Angela may be her sister, she interprets that flashback in a different light. The plot really thickens when Leah shows up at Angela’s shop demanding answers. They discuss their depraved sisterhood. Leah tries to pay Angela off but declines and gives back the check but first she smears her blood on it so that Leah can do a paternity test herself. 

Angela confronts Teddy who tries to clear the air and show love but for some reason it’s coming off as manipulation.

Taylor complains about how no one really checked on her in the hospital. Nikki gets irritated when she sees two Black girls making colorist comments. Nikki starts a fight with one of the girls only to be captured on camera then gaslighted. 

Taylor lets Nikki know that she honestly doesn’t remember what happened at the yacht party that night she fell into the water. Nikki gives her comforting advice and says she should just be honest about the situation and talk to Lauren before it turns into something that she can’t control.

Tyrick and Angela get some more sexy screentime. 


Our Kind Of People

Source: Courtesy of FOX / Fox

Teddy attempts to extort Piggy for killing Darius. He also lets Piggy know that she needs to get Angela out of Oak Bluffs immediately. The shit hits the fan at the Juneteenth event. Leah blurts out all the family secrets to a crowd full of strangers, embarrassing Angela and her father. Angela steps in to help Leah fix and save face. 

Tyrick shows Teddy security camera footage of Angela in her shop. Tyrick lets us down unintentionally when he and Teddy talk about Angela not having a clue that the security cameras he put up in her shop are accessible to Teddy. Tyrick innocently let Teddy know that he doesn’t think she’s here for any problems. 

Teddy explains how much of a mess he made when he fell for Angela’s mother “the help” he called her. Tyrick comes back with swift remarks, letting Teddy know half his family was considered as “the help.”

Oak Bluffs is a whole mess, but these are Our Kind Of People and “we gon’ stick beside ‘em.”

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