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Earlier this week, we wrote about former “Sweetie Pies” stars Ms. Robbie and Jenae Wallick going back and forth on social media about seeing the children from the years-long relationship Jenae shared with Ms. Robbie’s son, Tim Norman.

After Ms. Robbie claimed that she had been kept from her grandchildren, Jenae dropped some receipts. Saying that Ms. Robbie simply didn’t come over the house where Jenae already had plans for her son. Afterward, she started speaking about her ex, Tim Norman. She shared that not only has he not seen his child in four years, he has not paid child support and she alleged that he abused her during their relationship.

Today, Norman issued a response with a 6-min Instagram video.

See what he had to say below. Take note of the word in bold. We’ll discuss those later.

“You know I would never say anything disrespectful about my son’s mother. Out of respect for my son cuz I don’t want him to grow up and see that. But you’re putting me in a position where I have to defend myself because you got my eighty-year-old mother on the internet going back and forth and you keep on calling the house screaming at her, asking her why she’s speaking the truth.

Well, I got to speak the truth myself. You want to paint me out to be a deadbeat dad. Why don’t you tell people, the last time I picked my son up, I had him about an hour and half and you started blowing me up to bring him back because he had to do his homework and take a bath. And as I get to the house, I take him out his car seat, he run to you. You standing in the garage, he runs into you. I’m bent over in the car, I’m getting his Happy Meal and his toys I bought him and his backpack and you let the garage down on me. And the police come out of the backyard. You had the police waiting on me in the backyard when I was coming to drop my baby off. You set me up!

You don’t do that to no Black man. You don’t do that to no man, especially a man who spent 10 and a half years in prison. There’s nothing you can do to make me ever forgive you for that. There’s nothing you can do to explain or justify that. You set me up when I was coming with my baby from the playground. I will never come to that house again, ever. So you not finna handle me and tell me to bring my son’s toys over there. And most of the time, all the stuff he got over there, I got him that anyway. He don’t even know I got him all that stuff.

And as far as child support, as far as me being a deadbeat, why don’t you give me my change. Talking about a court order. Why don’t you tell everybody how you was threatening to tell everybody me and my momma business? The different things we own and this bank account here and this bank account there after the IRS already came and got us for half a million dollars. After the IRS already on me.

Why don’t you tell them how you threatened to tell the feds this and that? Tell people that. And what don’t you give me my change as far as child support’s concerned. Why don’t you sell that five bedroom, five bathroom house with the waterfall in the back, the swimming pool and the big Jacuzzi. Why don’t you sell that and give me my change? Why don’t you sell that Beamer that I got you after you didn’t want the Porsche no more and go back and get that Chrysler Seabring you was driving when I got you. Give me my change from all that one of one bags and Versace chains and all them dresses you didn’t know nothing about and all them Louboutins. Give me my change. All that furniture you’re still sleeping on. Did you buy new sheets? Huh?

All them tvs and everything in that house. Why don’t you give me my change cuz I ain’t working no more. I ain’t on tv. I don’t have an image to protect. I don’t have to answer to OWN. OWN can’t call me no more and say, ‘Tim, don’t say this. Tim be nice because we got to protect the brand. It’s good for the show.’ I ain’t got to protect a check no more. I ain’t got a check no more. I ain’t got it. Them people are probably gon say I owe you about 400 or so, I ain’t got it. Why don’t you sell some of that stuff and give me my change.

And as far as me being abusive, why don’t you tell the people to call down to the Marquee and ask Andre and Melanie how they used to put you out of the club when you come in there and try to start fights with me. How they had to call the police on you and you outside in the parking lot kicking my car. Why don’t you tell the people how I had to call security over to the house because you were taking hammers to my car. I can’t leave. You coming to the restaurant messing with me. Why don’t you tell them how when we was in Beverly Hills, out here with all these White folks and you drunk they got to pull you up off of me. You taking my money out of my bags and throwing my money all over the lobby. They got to go to your mother’s room and get your mother to come stop you. Why don’t you tell all that?

And why don’t you tell them that the reason I left you in the first place was because you decided to sleep with the help. You slept with the cameraman. We had to get a whole new tv crew around season 3. Shout out to Jose, I ain’t no ill feelings toward you bruh. She needed some attention and you gave her that. You was with the boss and you slept with the help. So that’s why I left in the first place.

And every time, I didn’t want to film with you, you threatened to take my son. That’s the only reason you were still on the show. And my momma forgave you. My momma forgave you cuz she love that baby. And I stayed quiet and they let you film. I was trying to be a good dude. Everybody else forgave you, I ain’t never forgive you.

My son wasn’t on the last season of the show at all. Money that could have went to his college fund. You wouldn’t let my son film with me. Why don’t you tell them that?

I begged you for years to see my son. I begged you. I been patient this whole time hoping you get over it. I was happy you had a new guy. I pray you stop thinking about my ass. But you got a new guy and you still calling me crying, snotty nose. The night before your wedding, you called me crying, snotty nosed. And I told you marry him because he’s a good guy. I ain’t never heard nothing bad about that man so I ain’t said a word about him being around my son. So I been quiet, trying to give you your time. But now you want to take him from my momma and my family can’t see him either?

You want to put me out to the world to be a bad guy?

You want to run around town, acting like you’re a business person. Why don’t you tell people I started that business? I put up the money. That business was for Monique and you took half the money. And you had Monique doing all the work. Then you went and opened up a gym with your guy. That’s cool. No problem with that.

You don’t want to tell all that, do you?

You want to do the first thing a lot of women do nowadays, you want to say a guy’s abusive. Man…”

A few points to call to your attention. Tim says the last time he saw his son, he was in a car seat. That boy is nine years old. While I completely understand him not wanting to return to Jenae’s house if she called the police on him, arrangements could have been made where the child could have been dropped at a neutral location.

As far as her blowing up his phone during their visit, keeping a child on their routine of doing homework and taking a bath is important.

Tim keeps mentioning that Jenae should run him his change. Change for what, exactly? Any money or gifts he gave her through the course of their relationship, he’s not entitled to now that they are no longer together.

And since he readily admits that he hasn’t been paying child support and “ain’t got it,” I’d say she’s more than entitled to keep it.

Lastly, I find it very telling that when it came to the allegations of abuse, Tim never denying putting his hands on Jenae but instead pointed to her alleged bad behavior.

Given his history with Jennifer Williams and her allegations of abuse against him, he should have been more vehement in his denial.

But more than anything else, for someone who claims he didn’t want to disrespect the mother of his child, that’s exactly what he did.

You can listen to Tim’s comments in the video below.

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