9 Useful Weed Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Americans who smoke spend between $500 and $2,500 a year on cannabis and its related products, according to a survey conducted by Weekend Gardener. The cannabis industry is only going to keep growing. The survey revealed its revenue was at $13.6 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $29.7 million by 2025. Real cannabis enthusiasts know that it’s not just about the high—weed is a lifestyle. It’s social. It is a culture and cultures come with accessories.

When you do make bud a regular part of your life, you quickly realize that smoking creates the need for some other items so you can streamline and better enjoy the process of grinding, rolling, lighting, puffing and beyond. Luckily, there are some pretty clever innovators out there who’ve made products that solve some of your most common weed problems. Some of these products don’t solve a problem so much as create a fun opportunity to bring your cannabis experience to the next level. Here are some useful weed products you didn’t know you needed.



A butter machine

If you’re into making weed-infused baked goods, from brownies to cookies and beyond, then you know you need weed butter. Buying your own stuff can get pricey. So, like with many things you consume in bulk and eventually realize you’d be better off making yourself – like ground coffee or seltzer water – it’s time to make your own weed butter and oils. This machine makes it easy to create your own weed butter and oils. It not only dries out your herbs but it then infuses them with your preferred fat carrier and then dispenses them into a yummy, ready-to-use substance. It’s also great for making glycerin for gummies or honey to put in teas.



A smell-proof bag

Even if carrying weed is perfectly legal where you live, sometimes you want to be discreet – especially when visiting judgmental relatives or dealing with a roommate who isn’t down with the lifestyle. Sometimes you just don’t want people to know you’re carrying so they don’t ask you for some —  that’s your precious stash. So, stop being the one with the smell of weed wafting from their backpack. Get a stylish smell-proof bag to contain the odor of your herb. This one has a combination lock to further keep out any curious roommates or relatives. The activated carbon in the felt effectively filters out odors.




Tabletop lighter

Isn’t it annoying when you need a friend to help you light something or you have to put down your drink or phone to light up? Isn’t it annoying when you lose your 20th portable lighter that month? They always go missing, lost at the bottom of scraps drawers and falling through the holes in the liners on backpacks. Maybe a friend asks to borrow a lighter and never brings it back. If you can relate to these issues, you need a tabletop lighter. It’s not mean to be picked up with two hands so there’s less a chance someone wanders off with it. You just need one finger to push down on the lever and activate the flame. It has an elegant design and sturdy build.

Electric grinder

Grinding up your bud to get it to that perfect consistency for rolling or packing is always a hassle. Your hands are dead tired by the time you’re done. Get a little assistance with this electric grinder. Capable of grinding up a gram of herb at a time, this will produce enough stuff to keep you entertained for a while or to share with a group. It allows for touch-free dispensing, making for a more hygienic stash, and grinds 20 times faster than manual grinders, so there’s less wait time before you can light up. Plus, it’s USB chargeable, making it great for grinding on-the-go.

A waterproof case and lighter

Is there anything more tragic than digging up your joints only to realize that some water spilled and completely ruined your perfectly rolled creations? Or what about when other items in your bag crush your joints, ripping them open and spilling their contents? This case is nearly indestructible and 100 percent water proof, ensuring no liquids ever ruin your joints again. It can hold roughly 20 tightly rolled joints and has a lanyard for portability. Its non-slip exterior will help it stay in your hands, but if you drop it, it almost certainly won’t break. What’s more is it has a built-in lighter with a cord for car charging.


A wake and bake mug

If you can’t start your day without a wake and bake session, you need this multi-functional mug. Coffee gives you that alertness you need and want and your weed helps even everything out. This mug lets you get everything done with one accessory. It’s made of ceramic with a high-gloss finish and is both microwave- and dishwasher-friendly for easy reheating and cleanup. There’s a pipe built into the handle, so you can pack that, smoke that, and when you’re finished, start sipping on your java. The smoke filters up through the handle and exits through the mouth piece at the top.

An odor-eliminating candle

If you often smoke at home, indoors, then you probably don’t want your place to constantly smell like weed. You like weed, but not so much that you need your bedroom to smell like it. This candle contains natural ingredients that are effective at eliminating the smell of marijuana. It’s non-toxic and safe to have in a home with pets. For best results, light the candle about 30 minutes before smoking. This will give it time to activate. Thanks to the candle’s pretty packaging, it just looks like a regular candle so nobody will be the wiser. Should you need faster results for surprise guests, it comes with a spray that instantly eliminates marijuana odors.


This rose-shaped joint holder

Nobody likes it when their joint burns their fingers, or leaves their hands smelling smoky. Grasping a joint with your thumb and finger covers up too much of the smokeable surface. Joints can ruin your manicure. It’s just a pain to hold your joint. So if you want to eliminate those nuisances and look like Cruella De Vil while you’re at it, get this fashionable rose-shaped golden joint holder. It comes in rose gold and regular gold, as well as a two-pack if you want one for a smoking companion. The portion that holds the joint can be adjusted to fit fatter or thinner joints.

This digital scale

With possession laws being very strict, it’s important to always know exactly how much you’re carrying. And if you’re loading a grinder (like the one we listed) with a limited capacity, you want to know how much you’re about to put in there. This elegant little scale has a highly visible LCD screen, a tare function to remove the weight of the container, and a sleek profile. Its size makes it easy to carry and its auto-off function conserves the battery. It can weigh up to 200 grams and is great for weighing other valuable items like jewelry or coins.


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