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It is no secret that most black woman speak the same language. Whether it’s your mother, older sister, aunt or your friend it seems like in certain situations there are sayings that always seem to express the mood of the moment. Some of these sayings are cues that let you know where the conversation is going, and how the person feels. Here are some of the sayings that not all black woman use,  but we all know someone who does.

1. Oh, Hell No!!!

When things get out of hand, there is one saying that lets you know how the person feels automatically.  If someone says “Oh, Hell No!” you know that whatever just happened had to be something crazy.  If you tell your friend that your ex-boyfriend now goes out with your cousin, that justifies an “Oh, Hell No!” and maybe some other choice words for your cousin.

2. You Feel Me?

I use this all the time. This saying is used when you are trying to get someone to understand your side of the story.  Adding a “you feel me?” at the end of the sentence just brings it full circle.

3. Unnnnn Uhhhhhh!

This similar to a “No, he didn’t.”  When a woman walks into a club wearing daisy dukes in the winter she may get more than one of these. When behavior becomes unacceptable you will definitely hear a black woman somewhere saying unnnn uhhh!, loud and clear.

4.Mmmm hhhhmmm

This is an all time classic.  Even my grandmother still uses this from time to time. This is the all inclusive mother of sayings, it works in any and every situation. Think about it, when have you ever  used a mmmm hhmmmmm improperly?

5. What you gonna do?

We have seen this scene play out time and time again. When a couple gets into a fight things can get out of hand. Depending on the personality, buttons can be pushed. In movies and TV black woman are known for taking it to the next level and pushing these buttons. With a quick “What you gonna do”? She can take the argument to the next level. I can hear Taraji P. saying it my head right now.

6. Let’s Be Real

When you hear a black woman say this, you know that the conversation just got serious. The jokes are over and you better listen to her following statement. When you hit someone with a “Let’s be Real,” you’re about to drop some knowledge.

7. Whaaaaaaattt!

Similar to Oh, Hell No!, woman say this when something crazy happens. However, it could be crazy good or crazy bad. For example both a surprise gift and shocking news from friend both warrant a long and hearty Whhaaaaattttt!!


Do you say any of these phrases?

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