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January 7, 2012  |  
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For the last few years, reality shows have completely taken over the television airwaves with levels of foolishness no one thought could ever be reached. So, while my DVR has reached the max on what shows I can record, if any of the following people were to have a reality show, I’d be front and center.

See who I think should get a TV deal now!

The Ross family

I know, how exciting could the Ross family actually be? Well, after watching them on Oprah last season and seeing how close they are, I am convinced that they’d give us a great time on television. Of course they’d focus on everyone individually so we’d get to see Tracee Ellis Ross’ closet, Evan Ross’ slowly but surely acting roles that push him higher and higher up on the “Ones to Watch” list and finally, we’d get to see Diana without all the big hair and makeup.  I didn’t forget the other three kids and who knows, they might lead very exciting lives of their own (or they could be upset they’re lesser known) and come with the heat too.


Rihanna’s mouth is all kinds of reckless, and try as they might I don’t think her record label would be able to contain her.  She seems like a nice young lady who loves to party (and over works herself) so it would be pretty cool to see her behind the scenes. But don’t be fooled, look into her eyes: there’s a level of craziness there that I NEED to see.


Bless Aubrey’s heart he is riding this wave of the “overly emotional rapper” like nobody’s business. I’m so sick of hearing about it but I’d need to see his B.S. so I can have visual reasoning to talk ish about him.  He questions his choices in women but continues to mess around with these video hoes and strippers.  Maybe we could find out how he comes up with his clothing choices. It certainly is fine by me if a famous person who is always in the public eye doesn’t wear expensive clothing but he always looks like he picked his outfits from the bottom of the barrel. You know this show would be a hit because the younger crowd LOVES Drake.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

I mean, it’s Mariah. You know that we’d be seeing all types of diva ways, glitter will probably emerge from our TV’s after every episode and poor Nick seems like by the end of every episode, HE would be the one needing Calgon to take him away

Ghostface Killa

A comedian trapped inside rapper’s clothing, Ghostface Killa is one of the funniest people I know.  Can you just imagine him talking about today’s current events (like, the serious ones and the lighter pop culture ones) in the way only Ghost can describe things? Hilarious. There’s also a twitter account by the name of Big Ghostface that speaks in the real Ghostface’s tone and if the two of them were to meet on camera, I think we’d be in for a ratings bonanza. I’d even watch it on BET if they picked it up…and that is saying a lot for me. On a personal note, I love Ghost and will take any opportunity to just look at him.

Kelly Rowland

Since Kelendria decided to not promote her album, I think it is only right that we get to see what else she’s doing with all her free time.  She’s also single from what we know so a little time getting to see her go on dates could be fun. Remember when she was on Lala’s show last season? We saw her on there more than we saw her working for the entire year so I’m thinking this would be good for her.

Lil Kim

YES, I said it.  Do you not get the potential here?!  Kim is the rapper who doesn’t know her time is up and continues to try and put out music (music that is wack, might I add). Kim is the rapper who is now going after a more popular rapper for stealing her style. Kim is the woman who has had a bunch of surgeries but has yet to realize she’s done too much and therefore, we’d see her going back and forth to the doctors’ office for a little “tweak.”  Now you see where I’m going with this? I’m saying that this show would be a hit.

Erykah Badu

 Let’s face it: we all want to know what it is Erykah puts on these men that makes them stay and the only way to see it is through her own show. She’s got three kids by three different rappers and she says they all get along very well but I’d need to see it in person. Plus, it might give me a chance to watch Andre 3000 with a lustful eye for a few episodes.

Joe Budden

Joey is actually the number ONE person I’d like to see with a reality show right now. This dude is CRAZY.  Yes, he’s a great rapper who has not made it as big as he likely thinks he should (though his underground following is pretty big and very loyal), but do you all follow him on Twitter? His history with wannabe models is starting to become…legendary.  The end of his relationships always play out on his timeline and all the women end up getting a song made up about him. I’m still trying to figure out what they want with his crazy self besides a cute face. Anyway, I’d be front and center on any given night checking out his show.


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