Can You Tell? Before and After Celebrity Nose Jobs

January 13, 2012  |  
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In the 80’s, professing nose job aspirations induced ridicule, shame and accusations of self-hate. Commercial rappers were sell-outs, “stay black” was the movement and little black boys and girls were advised to take pride in their broad-shaped noses, and disregard false standards of beauty.

The nose job debate made its way into conversation anywhere black people congregated and became the focus of several day time talk shows. Comparatively, 21st century black folks, still rocking the noses of their parents, still marginalized by mainstream standards of beauty, are more nip-tucked than ever.

There’s far less scrutiny awaiting those that go willing to undergo rhinoplasty. In Hollywood, it’s more of a challenge to find a starlet who hasn’t reshaped her nose.

But the underlying motivation for celebs going under the knife are no where as puzzling as figuring out whether a procedure actually happened. These women are pretty before and after the surgery and sometimes the change is so slight, it’s like nothing ever happened. At least that’s what many are hoping. That’s where side by side photos come in.

Here’s a rundown of your favorite African-American starlets who ditched her natural nose for a Hollywood honker as soon as she got the chance to blow.

Can you tell the difference?


The question is whether Bey nose will spread back to the shape of her late-90’s nose (pictured left) now that Baby Blue Ivy has dropped.


Looks like half-Korean R&B singer, Amerie, traded in her signature bulb African-American nose (left) for a more anchor-shaped look (right).

Halle Berry

I’m sure she was thinking “self-hate my a$$” when she and her slightly smaller nose carried home that Oscar.


Former Murder Inc. princess can’t necessarily be accused of subtlety here.  Fortunately, by the time anyone knew who she was, there was enough disposable income to trash her original nose (left).

Kelly Rowland

What did you think she was doing during the quiet time after Bey left the group? That’s right, letting her scars heal. Here’s Kelly Rowland back in the DC days (left) where her nose isn’t a problem at all and a shot of her 2010 nose (left) looking a lot more button-esque.

Nene Leakes

Nene was very open about her surgery (she has to stay famous somehow), quoted saying “I still wanted to look like NeNe, the black woman that I am, but a better version.”


Some urban news outlets swear up and down that Rihanna has had some chiseling done, even purporting that surgeons looked at photos and concurred. You be the judge.

Left: Looking like a Beyonce clone, fresh in the game; Right: Long after the good girl went bad.

See the difference?

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