Keep Your Legs Closed! Celebs Who’ve Racked Up Baby Mamas & Drama

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These are the men who are truly loyal to their biological destinies. These are the men who think that what they should be doing is populating the earth with their seeds. Is it bad? No, not if they stay in the child’s life. But somehow we can’t help but judge the lack of self-control involved in farthering so many kids especially the ones who did so outside of any official relationships…

Lil Wayne

He’s the obvious one, ain’t he? Weezy has three baby mamas and counting. At only 29 years of age, he’s on track to reach ODB status by the time he’s 40. He’s currently dating a new woman, an Arizona waitress by the name of Dhea. If she’s as savvy as Lauren London, she’ll get knocked up soon.

John Singleton

John Singleton may have been only married once (to actress and Ghanaian royalty Akosua Busia) but he’s had four children outside of the daughter he had with his ex-wife. All in all, he has four daughters and a son. We know that there are at least four baby mamas in the mix.


Shawn Kemp

The former NBA player for the Seattle Supersonics is not only known for his legendary play on the court but for his deadbeat antics off the court. Kemp apparently fathered seven kids by six different women, but that number may be even higher.

Antonio Cromartie

Speaking of athletes, New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie is legendary for his status as a 27-year-old father of nine children…with eight different women. Talk about not believing in birth control. Cromartie sometimes has a hard time remembering the names of all his children. Who can blame him? In 2010, he married Candy Girl’s star Terrika Cason.


This came as a shocker. And we all thought Ginuwine was busy all these years all up in his girl’s Sole’s grill but no, he’s also been tending to his brew. Before Sole locked her georgeous Ginuwine down, our favorite pretty boy singer was romancing many a lady as evidenced by his four other baby mamas.

Evander Holyfield

As the youngest of nine children, we can understand Holyfield’s appreciation for big families, but dayum…this man has 11 kids with a multiple (yet undisclosed) amount of women.  What’s worse is that in 2008, Holyfield went through a high profile child support case in which he claimed that he did not have enough money to provide child support payments for one of his children. That’s scary considering that in his lifetime, he’s reportedly earned over $200 million. Although we don’t know how many baby mamas he’s had, we do know that Holyfield has been married three times.


The Southern rapper has done closed his legs to other women since he married longtime love Tiny but he still makes the list with three baby mamas. He has three children from two previous relationships and two children with his wifey boo.


Before Kim Porter came Diddy’s first son Justin with girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim. After Kim came daughter Chase with “friend” Sarah Chapman. Diddy has two sets of daughters (he had twins with Kim Porter) who are close in age. Officially, Diddy has three baby mamas but current girlfriend Cassie is making sure she’ll be the fourth.

Swizz Beats

The 33-year-old uber-producer has generated a lot of drama for a man working more behind the scenes than in front. Folks may only be familiar with the children Swizz had with his ex-wife Mashonda and the woman he left her for, Alicia Keys, but there are two other baby mamas in the scene. All in all, Swizzy has four baby mamas. Those two include a girlfriend prior to his relationship with Mashonda and a UK singer and producer with whom Swizz had an affair. We all know there are more baby mamas in his future as we can basically guarantee that his union with A.Keys won’t last based on precedence.

Conrad Murray

Seven children by six different women? SMH Dr. Conrad Murray, you are guilty of attracting baby mama drama!

Mike Tyson

Tyson’s life is rife with drama, so much so that his baby mama drama pales in comparison to his other real-life issues. Tyson has had eight children with several different women. We know he’s had four from two wives but the rest may have come from multiple women. Unfortunately, he lost his daughter Exodus in 2009 in a freak accident. All in all, Tyson had children with each of his wives with the exception of Robin Givens but we can’t confirm

Flavor Flav

We’re sure that Chuck D is shaking his head at his former groupmate, rapper turned fool-for-hire Flavor Flav. As much as he’s made a coon of himself on the Flavor of Love series and all its related spinoffs, we know that the earned dough is going to a good cause: his 4 babys mamas taking care of his 8 kids.


Ol’ Dirty Bastard (RIP)

ODB was infamously taped on an MTV segment in 1993 taking a limousine to pick up food stamps, and we’re sure that as crazy it looked, he needed those food stamps to support all his 13 kids. Since his death in 2004, his widow and three other baby mamas (total: 4 baby mamas) have squabbled in court over his estate.


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