7 Times Women Overreact

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To put it simply: sometimes men know they’re doing something wrong (and they’re just too lazy to do the right thing) and sometimes, they don’t know. But as a woman, it’s hard to tell the difference. Here are 7 times he probably didn’t realize he was pissing you off:

He fails to plan

You’ve been pestering him to reserve airline tickets, concert tickets or make a doctor’s appointment he really needs. And he keeps forgetting. But remember, women are multi-taskers by nature, and that includes our ability to think about multiple things at a time. When a man steps into the work place, for the most part, his brain is on the work track and he barely thinks about another thing until he gets home. And then it’s too late: you’re already asking him if he made the call and he already forgot. But it’s not that he didn’t care about what you asked him to do.

He is removed after sex

Keep in mind, that in all likelihood you came before he did, and you’ve been hanging out for a while since then. So when sex ends, that’s because he just came. Think about the few seconds after you just came—your head is spinning a little bit. You kind of want to bask in the moment and having someone cuddling you or try to move you around in the bed ruins it.

When he doesn’t act appreciative

Men don’t get as gushy over nice things women do for them. Often, you make a man a meal, he kisses you on the cheek and says “Thanks baby” and sits down to happily eat. And silently. Somehow, men think we know how appreciative they are just by watching them enjoy what we’ve done for them. Women need more words to feel appreciated, but really should pick up from the smile on his face that he appreciates it.

When he doesn’t invite you along

Women are more comfortable talking about most things with their friends or family, when their boyfriend is standing right there. Men, however, compartmentalize who they talk to about what. Sometimes they don’t want to bring their girlfriend because they want to get to shoot the Shyte with their friends or family in the way they just don’t feel comfortable doing in front of their woman.

When he abandons you at a party

He should definitely check in on you throughout the night and sit next to you if it’s a dinner party. But, the two of you have plenty of time together alone. And at a party, you should be socializing with other people. Your boyfriend probably assumes you are able to fend for yourself, and you should be able to. If you are shy, that is not his fault. Let him enjoy himself.

When it seems like his friends don’t know about you

You’re hanging out with his friends, and when you tell them about a recent promotion at work, or the death of a loved one, they draw blanks. Your man clearly hasn’t talked to them much about you. But, in general, women talk to their friends way more about their significant others than men do. It’s nothing personal. It’s just your man not wanting to annoy his friends by going on and on about his girlfriend.


When he doesn’t overreact

You get into a fender bender. You have a cold. Your phone is stolen. And all he wants to know is how and when it can be fixed. But, he doesn’t seem to feel for you. Keep in mind that men are fixers. So, they worry more about the solution, than the emotional ramifications of the problem.

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