Ashy to Classy: Must Have Beauty Products to Curb Head to Toe Winter Dryness

January 3, 2012  |  
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Baby, it’s cold outside; and while this is the title of a popular song, it’s also the cause of some really ashy elbows, cracked lips, heels and parched hair that could been prevented. Everyone knows looking and feeling dry isn’t cute, but the harsher the winds whip, the more likely it seems that you’ll wind up this way this winter. You might wind up ashy by accident, but you sure don’t have to stay that way with products like these on the market that keep you moisturized from head to toe–literally.

Cracking Lips

Ouch! I remember as a teen, there were times where my lips would be so dry not only would they crack, but they would bleed, son! That’s not hot whatsoever, and I’ve come to notice that even with the precautions that I take today, my lips still manage to peel from time to time. Said peeling can have an effect on the way lipstick looks on my lips, or even how simple Carmex stays on my pouters–that’s why I was so excited about the lip scrubs by Lush ($8.95). Yes, a scrub. This little pot of vegan gold works wonders thanks to its natural contents of peppermint, jojoba and castor oil. Rub the sugary scrub on your lips and lick it off (yes, it’s edible), and you’ll notice the immediate difference! Annoying lip skin that looks crazy dry will come off and your lips will be smooth enough to kiss your haters AND dry lips goodbye.

A Wind-Whipped Face

In the summer, you usually have to fret over especially oily skin, and in the winter, a sistah needs to worry about especially dry skin. But what does a lady do when she seems to have both too dry and too oily skin going on in one season? Put on your Boots! Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Lotion ($4.49 at Target) is a must-have for me because regular lotions seem to go on too greasy for me, but if I don’t put on some sort of moisturizer, my skin is so tight! This hypoallergenic lotion with its aloe vera and mineral water ditches the soaps and the fragrance to give you a light lotion that doesn’t require more than a small dot to cover your whole face and keep it moisturized without feeling heavy. Plus, I just like the fact that the brand is called Boots…random?

Dry & Splitting Cuticles

Dry cuticles with a bunch of ragged hangnails is not good to look down at while a chick waits for the train. Not only do they get caught in your knit gloves (ouch!), they literally just look horrendous when you let them get a bit too dry. To combat this irritating issue, Sephora has a much raved about (with good reason) cuticle oil ($9), that you can brush on your fingers so there won’t be such a mess. With oils like avocado oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil and Aleurites Moluccana seed oil, it’s understandable why the oil is so long-lasting and loved by chicks with overly-ashen cuticles…

Tired Toes & Heels

Feel like you’ve been walking around on hot coals? No? Then why do you they look like you have? In the winter, now that you’re feet are all covered and sweating in thick socks and boots, they’re thirsty for some TLC. Give them a break with Earth Therapeutics’ Cooling Foot Scrub ($9). With the healing power of tea tree oil (minus the horrendous smell), and the added awesomeness of pumice and apricot shells to smooth out those busted feet, those babies that are constantly on the move will be feeling a bit more light and silky. And who doesn’t want that?

All Around Dry Skin (Get Those Elbows!)

You can pick up all the prettiest smelling smell-goods Bath & Body Works and stores like them sell, but if you ask me, nothing beats an old-school tub of cocoa butter. If you can’t get a big tub from a local vendor, then brands like Palmer’s ($6.79 at Wal-Mart) have the next best thing for the low low. Get the soap, the small swivel stick, the large pump or buy the small container and get some great cream that’s not too “TOO” greasy and will have skin moisturized for hours on end. As a bonus, some good cocoa butter can help relieve you of those stubborn stretch marks some of us sistahs tend to have.

Thirsty Hair

The owner of a forever-dry afro, I understand the importance of well-oiled hair and the effect dry hair can have on my hair’s volume and softness (have to keep it pillow soft!). That’s why I love to recommend Carol’s Daughter’s Mimosa Hair Honey ($17). While I find many of the brand’s products to be way too expensive for my liking, this tub of pomade is worth every dime for the shine it offers without all the grease! And the smell is so fresh and mesmerizing thanks to the mix of tangerine, lime and grapefruit paired with the other natural ingredients. No alcohol, so nothing to dry you out, so it will be soft enough to encourage unwanted hands to try and get their grab on (*shudders at the thought*).

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