Yesterday’s Year In Review: The Good and Bad of 2011

December 31, 2011  |  
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What a year, huh?! We’ve seen some good, bad, and ugly moments in pop culture in 2011 and it is about time for us to put our spin on it as we head into 2012.  Take a moment to see what’s on our list and feel free to add your own memories in the comment section.

Oh yes, the list is in no particular order!

Bey, oh baby!

When Beyonce finished her performance of Love on Top on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and announced she was pregnant, she set a Twitter record of most tweets per second (there were 8,868). Since then, she’s been accused of not being pregnant, accused of having a surrogate and as I type this, she’s apparently on “labor watch.” With all the chit chat going on about this pregnancy, it’s no wonder the poor woman didn’t go into early labor! Now, you might not like her but she’s had the fans and detractors talking even more ever since we found out about the future baby Carter.

Lauryn Hill’s team

You’re probably wondering what team I’m talking about, right? Well, her team of children! We already knew that Lauryn Hill had five children with Rohan Marley so it wasn’t surprising when we found out she was pregnant again.  What makes this newsworthy of our top 2011 stories is that when she gave birth to her sixth child in July, Rohan just had to open his mouth to let us know that wasn’t his child.  Oh yes, he got on Twitter and said that no one should insinuate that he’s the father unless it comes out of his mouth…which he never did soooo… The entire story was just really weird which is right up Ms. Hill’s alley.

Oprah & the End of an Era

Back in May, the final episode of “Oprah” aired after 25 years. Even for someone like myself who isn’t a huge Oprah fan, I realized what a feat this was and how people were really affected by her. She moved on to her network OWN and the transition has not been as smooth as many would have hoped. The ratings are horrible, the shows are boring and there’s just no clear direction. But in an attempt to save it, Lady O has been making more and more appearances likely because people seem to only care about the shows where they can see her.

Time to Roc &Roe!

2011 also saw the birth of Nick & Mariah Cannon’s twins, Monroe and Moroccan.  We didn’t see much of the babies until Nick & Mariah did an [uncomfortable] interview with Barbara Walters and gave us a peek into their current lives. The babies seem to be already developing their personality traits with Miss Monroe giving us “divatude” in pictures while Mr. Monroe seems really laid back.  It should be quite the ride watching those two grow up.

Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry

The battle between these two filmmakers continued to get ugly when Tyler thought a journalist was going to ask him a question about Spike Lee and said, “…Spike Lee can go straight to hell – I am sick of him!” Spike doesn’t like Tyler’s movies and maintains that the movies are full of “cooning and buffoonery.” Personally, I’ve been tired of both of them going back and forth (though I like Spike’s movies more). People are going to go see whatever they want and they’ll continue to make money off of us.

President Obama’s BIG announcements

While this is obviously a list about pop culture events, I didn’t want to ignore that a couple of major things have happened this year under President Obama’s tutelage: (1) Osama bin Laden was killed and (2) the troops are finally home.  While I’m not sure that the former makes any of us feel any safer, that is a huge feat that should be recognized. As for the troops, don’t you just still want to throw around some confetti to that news?! I know that people are so excited to have their loved ones home.

Kobe and Vanessa Call it Quits

No one saw this walk to divorce court and yet, everyone seemed to have a story to tell about why it was happening: Kobe cheats all the time, Vanessa and her mom had this set up from the start, Vanessa never really liked him in the first place and is just a gold digger, etc.  I don’t know what’s true but I’d put my next check on one thing: I bet SHAQ was somewhere laughing his a** off.

Loves We Lost

Sadly, we lost quite a few of our favorite celebs and leaders in 2011. We will miss Vesta, Fred Shuttlesworth, Gil Scott-Heron, Nate Dogg and all the others we loved and lost, including Heavy D.  We know that death is something that happens – we see it in our personal lives – and we can only hope that they lived their lives to the fullest while they were here and sharing with us.

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