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Dr. Wendy Osefo opened season six of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac letting us know that she will be a force to be reckoned with this time around. She’s back for her sophomore season and is making it clear that she is putting her happiness first no matter what. I caught up with the mother-of-three to talk about what we can expect this season, her BBL, her upcoming book, the relationship with her in-laws and which relationships on the show have blossomed and declined.

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MADAMENOIRE: How would you compare your rookie season on the show to your sophomore season on the show? 

Wendy Osefo: I think during your rookie you don’t know what to expect from the women, being on reality TV and just in general. I think the sophomore season you come in having your foot more grounded because you’ve been through a year, you know the women on and off camera and you sort of know how filming works. If I can sum up my second season in one word it would be prepared. 

MN: Do you think you were more vulnerable this season?

WO: I think I was more vulnerable this season. For me my first season was more of an introduction, like let’s get to know her just on the surface level. This season we are peeling back layers. It’s like an onion. With this season you guys get to know more about me, some of my struggles and things that I have going on in my life. 

MN: I saw you were a little apprehensive about Mia Thornton coming to your house when Karen Huger first asked. How do you feel about Mia now?

WO: I like Mia. I think Mia is a great addition to the cast and is a breath of fresh air. I was apprehensive because that was a bomb being dropped on me because I didn’t know we were going to have a new person joining. So that’s what you guys saw. I wanted to ask all these questions but we were filming. But Mia is a great addition. She is really really good.

MN: You mentioned on Twitter that it wasn’t aired that you said you had a [brazilian butt lift] surgery done. Why do you think production left that out?

WO: I love my BBL. I am so happy about my BBL. Who knows, you know? I think the episode is going to be continued so maybe it comes up later. But I definitely said it to the ladies. I ain’t have nothing before. You can’t hide that! (laughs)

MN: I know mothers go through so much mentally and physically and it was great to see you do something for yourself.

WO: Motherhood is really hard and it takes a toll on you mentally and physically. You’ll see me this season trying to negotiate that relationship of who I am as a mom and who I was before that. You’ll see some of the ladies also talking about, “who is this Wendy?” A part of me is like this Wendy was always there but you guys didn’t know that because you met me a month after I had my baby. So it’s a journey I am going on to get back to Wendy before having a baby. 

MN: As a therapist, I listen to a lot of women talk about that same  journey and how they feel like they lost something after giving birth. 

WO: I completely lost myself. I live for my kids. I set my schedule around my kids. If you ask me to go to dinner, I have to see if my nanny is working. I put that first with every single thing that I do. It is so difficult for me to live for myself. The reason I had the “Nude Interlude” party is because I realized I plan all these parties for my kids but I never plan a party for myself. So that was the first party I’ve thrown for myself. 

MN: You deserve to have that! So this season, which relationship has blossomed and which relationship has declined?

WO: I think for us all of our relationships have evolved. Not that it declined or got better but I think we all left this season seeing each other for who each other really are.  That is a benchmark for us as girlfriends and as women.

MN: I did see you were unhappy with Gizelle. 

WO: When I spoke to her, I said to her “I see you for exactly who you are.” I had a friend in college that would always say “Once you see where someone is you place them and you deal with them accordingly.” So in that  moment I placed her and now I know how I can deal with you and how I will no longer deal with you. 

MN: So how would you say you’ve dealt with Gizelle this season and will go forward?

WO: I think going forward I know that you do not hold me to the same regard that I hold you.

MN: I saw last season you and Eddie extended an olive branch to his side of the family. Has there been any progress this season with repairing the relationship?

WO: He has had some conversations with his family and you will all see some of that this season. Well, hopefully you will. I don’t know what y’all are going to see anymore! (laughs)

MN: I see they are surprising you with the footage! The responses on Twitter to the episode were so funny, like to Mia figuring out her husband’s age and Gizelle and Karen’s argument–

WO: It gets worse! This season is crazy.

MN: With Monique not being on the show anymore, did it feel different?

WO: No, we didn’t bring her up at all. 

MN: Well, I do remember you not condoning her actions. Especially with the stereotypes against Black women and Black reality stars. Speaking of that, with you being so prestigious and there being a stereotype about Black reality stars, how was the response from your colleagues and students regarding you being on the show?

WO: What I’ve found out is that everybody is a Bravo fan. They’re not looking down on it. They are asking questions and it shows that they are really fans. 

MN: Last season you were debating if you wanted to still be a professor or explore other options. Are you still a professor?

WO: I am still a professor. I am still at a crossroads with that and this season you guys will get to see some of that as well. I think that being a professor has allowed me to explore my options. Being a professor has allowed me to see that I love communicating, hence the commentator piece. This season you guys get to see me opening the doors to other opportunities in my life.

MN: Since you are a political commentator, can you see yourself with your own show?

WO: Yes, I would live to have my own show. That is something I would definitely enjoy. Even if it’s not my own show then definitely a panel show, like a daytime talk show.

MN: Tell me about your book, TEARS OF MY MOTHER: The Legacy of my Nigerian Upbringing, that is coming next year.

WO: I am so excited about my book. I was able to sign a book deal with Simon & Schuster and my book really explores the immigrant experience from the lens of a first generation American and what we go through being raised by parents trying to make a way in a country that is ours but is also foreign to our parents. I think the overarching theme is the dynamic between mothers and daughters and how parents can sacrifice and have the best intentions for you but some of the things they do to you are toxic and we don’t speak to that. We don’t speak to the ways which were raised were toxic. Due to that, when we have our own children it changes the way in which we want to raise our children. Just being Nigerian, I talk about having four degrees but I don’t have four degrees because I woke up one day and I said I wanted four degrees. It’s really that it’s embedded within our culture and I explore that. I explore how as Nigerian-Americans how we are often forced to pursue education and it comes at a cost. I think last year people missed that. I was talking about having four degrees but I wasn’t happy and that is something we have to have conversations about, meaning how do we push our kids to success but not at the cost of their own personal success.

MN: Tell me about your home essentials line. 

WO: Yes that is something I want you all to stay tuned for. I’m going through this really rough journey of exploring what I want to do. I think you all will be really surprised watching what I go through. 


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