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On July 7, Kenya Duke put her estranged husband Gary Owen and his alleged mistress all the way on blast. According to an Instagram post, Dukes continues to speak out against Owen amidst their tumulous divorce. It appears, she won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Speaking to @_itsbribri_ directly, who she identified as a woman named Brianna Johnson, yesterday Duke posted, “You didn’t care @garyowencomedy was/is married and you don’t seem to care he still hasn’t seen his kids (which is weird because you are a baby mama), [or that] he still doesn’t financially support his wife.”

“Did you enjoy the Bahamas and Florida spending our family money?” Duke asked Johnson. “You can have him, but the money NOPE!!! Lawyer up, you have now become a big part of this divorce. Gurl, can’t wait to see that tan in court. By the way… Your friends don’t like you. They out here spilling all your cheating tea. @garyowencomedy the escorts are spilling yours.”

@garyowencomedy I don’t care about any of these paid relationships,” she continued in the caption. “Although, I do think $600 for 30 min is too expensive, and you were tripping if I tried to order a $12.00 side dish when we ate out… Wow! What I do care about is you doing the right thing financially when it comes to me.”

“Does Brianna know I am still paying your bills?” she questioned. “How does an old dude choose a chick that doesn’t care about his relationship with his kids and she got kids? What kind of mother can @_itsbribri_ be? Thanks for all the info in my inbox. I have enough side chicks and escorts in my inbox to last a lifetime. No more needed. Every one of these h*es that used my half of the money will be in court after I deal with @_itsbribri_ Brianna Johnson. Thank you for shouting her out on Wendy’s show. That will also be used in court.

In a second post, Duke called out Owen for gaslighting her by denying her suspicions that he was cheating and saying she was a liar when he was allegedly stepping out on their marriage.

“You know firsthand I am not a liar,” Duke wrote to Owen. “But you would prefer to have me think I am wrong about you so you can cover up your dirt and run around town telling everyone you’re a good guy. Really? You are a bold-a*s narcissist and karma is real. I know exactly how long she has been one of the women you cheated with so save that lie! How are you going to be sleeping with someone’s husband and have your prayer hands and reference to scripture on your [bio] on Instagram? These h*es today. No shame. No boundaries.”

In that post’s caption, Duke said the reason why she chooses to address Owen publicly is she has the right to do what she likes on “her platform” — and because that’s how Owen has chosen to communicate with her. According to Duke, many of those questioning her posts have no idea what it’s like to be in a relationship with a “manipulating narcissist.”

“You ask why [I’m] still paying his bills? Because when you are getting divorced you need to maintain status quo,” Duke wrote. “I did it before the divorce and I will do it until the court tells me different.”

While she claims that people say Owen has never said anything negative about her publicly, she argued that Owen lied about her on TV, to their friends and to his family. “He admits to being the best liar, like it is a badge of honor,” Duke wrote.

“You don’t know the secrets I have had to keep, you don’t know the day-to-day,” she concluded. “So if my posts make you uncomfortable… unfollow me. I will say it again… I am back and focused. I am not asking permission or apologizing for sh*t. It is what it is.”

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