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Following an exotic dancer’s claim that Usher threw fake money with his face printed on it as payment for her performance in a strip club, she now says that “USHBUCKS” wasn’t the only currency the singer made it rain with. Hilariously, in a funny twist of events, Twitter users have quickly moved on from that story and are now wondering if the singer is a full-on kleptomaniac.

As we reported yesterday, exotic dancer @beel0ve’s Instagram Stories went viral when in two brief posts she asked her followers what they would do if Usher came to the strip club and paid its dancers in unusable fake money that had his face and name printed on it. Causing Twitter to go wild with both hilarious and thought-provoking tweets, many began calling out the singer for allegedly not paying the exotic dancer what she was owed in real dollars for her performance.

Now, the woman behind the story is clarifying the whole thing. After an Instagram user highlighted that the strip club where the “USHBUCKS” incident went down had publicly stated that the singer did in fact pay its dancers with real money and only threw a few “USHBUCK” bills to promote his upcoming Vegas residency, @beel0ve fired back at the user and clarified, “No one ever said this was the ONLY money he threw,” before later adding, “I asked a question and y’all ran with it, not my fault.”

Additionally, the dancer later posted, “Y’all hilarious, I’m entitled to ask any question I want!! I literally asked a question and y’all ran with it. If funny money is being thrown at an establishment where girls dance for $ it should have a trade-in value period… but nvm lemme 🤫  it was left behind for ‘promo’ 🤣 .”

What’s funny — and ironic — is that even though his name has essentially been cleared from the allegation that he didn’t pay for the dancer’s performance in the club, the sheer virality of @beel0ve’s claims has had people on Twitter opening up and sharing their experiences regarding other times Usher allegedly didn’t pay for services and/or goods. Essentially, people are now calling the singer a kleptomaniac.

A tweet now with over 62,000 Likes started the madness, when user @BrivnJimenez recalled a time Usher allegedly visited a store he’d previously work at, tried on some clothing, and casually walked out with paying for a costly jacket the singer still had on.

“When I used to work retail, Usher walked in and tried on a $2,000 jacket,” Jimenez said. Recounting the singer’s alleged theft, he continued, “He chopped it up for a bit while still having it on. Then this dude dabs me up and walks out with the jacket 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️.

Causing a whole thread of jokes and more tweets from other users who had similar stories of Usher simply not paying for items and services that he should have, all the tweets surrounding Jimenez’s still have the singer trending on the platform.

In another popular story, user @thenEDIEsaid noted in a series of replies, “Usher was banned from my store for this same sh*t. I feel like I need to clarify this isn’t a current employer, this was 10 years ago in Soho when I worked at Atrium. He was banned and so was his ex-wife. He would just steal, she would just try to return sh*t he clearly wore covered in makeup. The funny thing is, he would buy tons but he would also take things. He would like [to] just play ignorant like he didn’t notice he had stuff on. We would add it to the cart. He would be like ‘Where is [it]?’ YOU HAVE IT ON BRO. I COUNTED THE SH*T WE BROUGHT YOU.”


If you’re interested, see another story recounting Usher’s alleged kleptomania and some of the funniest tweets circling the rumor down below.

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