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Embarrassingly, Usher is now trending on Twitter and being called out for his alleged antics following an exotic dancer’s recent claims that the performance she’d given him had been paid for using fake money with the singer’s face printed on it instead of actual dollar bills.

Originally shared via her private account before it was reposted on the Instagram Stories of her public one, user @beel0ve took to the platform recently to ask her followers what they would do if they were in her shoes. According to her posts, after performing for Usher, the dancer was allegedly paid in unusable and counterfeit one “dollar” bills printed with a profile shot of the singer and his name on them.

“What would you ladies do if you danced all night for Usher & he threw this???” her initial post asked. Sharing her rightful unhappiness with not being fairly compensated for her performance, she continued speaking on Usher’s alleged form of payment and added, “So disrespectful, this is foul! Working so hard to get nothing in return! This is a joke! Their job is to entertain, take your cheap a*s back home!!!!”

In the following post, she clarified that the fake money with Usher’s face on it has no monetary value and is essentially useless to her before she additionally asked if it was right for the singer to be publicly called out for allegedly paying for her performance with the fake money.

“& the money does not have a trade-in value whatsoever!” @beel0ve emphasized. “Lmao don’t y’all think he should be blasted on social media for this sh*t?”

On Twitter, people have been reacting to the dancer’s allegations all day in hilarious, thought-provoking, and opinionated tweets. In a repost of what @beel0ve shared, user @birdsofpreys has gained over 16,000 Likes with her tweet that read, “Usher throwing fake money at a strip club? To hard working women?

In the replies, one user funnily came up with a name for the singer’s fake currency and referred to it is as “USHBUCKS.” Meanwhile, another user relevantly said, “I’m still thinking about this sh*t. You couldn’t do this with any other service. If you gave this to a waitress for your food bill or to a clothing store you’d be arrested. Same rules should apply.”

What do y’all think about this whole mess — do you really think Usher made it rain in the club using fake money with his face and name on it? See more tweets circling the story down below.

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