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Conversations about new and innovative sex toys are usually banished to the perhaps seedier conventions like the Adult Entertainment Expo or AdultCon. But if you think about it, the people behind these inventions are concerned not just with sex but also with tech. Some really brilliant minds in the space of technology and robotics are responsible for a lot of these devices, but because they chose to operate in the provocative space of sex, their names are barely spoken in mainstream tech media. One convention decided to change that – with admittedly much hesitation and pushback.

In 2019, the Consumer Electronics Show started bringing in more sex toys. There have been some hiccups, like the fact that their presented sex toys are allegedly very difficult to search for on their website, suggesting the CES isn’t totally comfortable with this new shift. And there’s also the fact that after giving an award to a female oral pleasure device, they revoked the award for being “immoral” and “indecent,” among other things. After the toy’s creators petitioned the CES committee to change their minds, they gave them back the award. Phew. What a roller coaster. All you really need to know is that, thanks to the CES now accepting sex toys, the world is becoming a bit more familiar with some pretty awesome innovations in this field. With that being said, here are some of the best sex toys and accessories for you to get familiar with.

The Pulse Personal Lube Dispenser

Some people have been there: You’ve been making out for a while, things are heating up, you reach for the lube, and you realize your hands are freezing. Or your partner’s hands are freezing. Either way, it’s no good. You both grin and bear it but it’s pretty uncomfortable to have a handful of freezing lube put on your privates – not to mention the bottle itself is always so sticky and either stubbornly spits out a tiny bit or accidentally unloads half the contents into your palm. The Pulse Personal Lube Dispenser solves these problems. Like the soap dispensers you find in commercial bathrooms, it senses your hand and doles out the perfect amount of pre-warmed lubricant. It’s compatible with the brand’s lubricant or oil pods and comes with some pods to get you started.

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