Just A Little Shot For Your G-Spot: Does This Procedure Lead To Better Climaxes?

October 25, 2012  |  


If your sex life is a bit lackluster and you’re looking for a stronger orgasm, there may be a fix for you. The “G-shot,” is a surgical procedure where hyaluronan, a collagen producing filler, is injected into the G spot. And the good news is you won’t be laid up on some operating table all day; the shot, which costs at least $1,000 can be administered in minutes. In fact, it’s called a “lunchtime” procedure because clients are in and out in no time.

The method, developed by Los Angeles-based gynecologist, Dr David Matlock, is said to plump up the g spot, making it more sensitive and consequently, more likely to result in stronger, vaginal orgasms. But it’s not a permanent fix, the filler dissolves after four months.

Matlock said he developed the procedure to “empower and education women to be even more in tune with themselves.” Isn’t that nice?

Matlock’s procedure, which was being reported on as early as 2004, is so popular, that every month he hosts “G Shot Parties” for his patients, at his clinic in L.A.

In 2008, one of Matlock’s patients raved about the procedure to the Daily Mail: “I had constant multiple orgasms which went on for hours. That first time, the whole thing was so intense I was actually a bit scared.”


The procedure’s been around for a while but it’s back in the news again because it’s starting to pick up steam. (And because the media loves to talk about the legendary, some call it mythical, g spot.) Originally, Matlock was the only clinic offering the G shot, now you can get it done at dozens of clinics across the country, including New York.

Not everybody is enthused about it though. There are still some who believe the g spot doesn’t exist, or that there’s no scientific evidence that proves that stimulation of this area leads to stronger orgasms. One clinical director, BatSheva Marcus, says that the g spot might not even have an effect on some women, so they really wouldn’t benefit that much from the g shot. Poor things.

Now that you’ve been presented with the facts, let’s get down to the discussion. If you had a $1,000 to blow, would you try this g shot thing out?

Me? What would I do? Well, thanks for asking. Personally, I’m not big on cosmetic procedures. I believe for most people, the body and mind (can’t forget the mind) can achieve similar results with a little or a lot of sexual experimentation/ trial and error. Could it be so hard to believe that the woman in 2008 had such strong orgasms because she believed she was going to have strong orgasms? I know if I paid $1,000 for something, I’d better believe that it would work.

But aside from that, the fact that this filler, the hyaluronan, just dissolves into my vagina after four months is a bit unsettling. God only knows what those chemicals could do over time. And we all know almost everything is a carcinogen these days. Buuut, I don’t mean to scare you. That’s just my opinion. What do you think about this procedure? Would you give it a whirl, have you already tested it out?

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