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Never one to shy away from letting the world know what she has to say, actress and comedienne Amanda Seales recently broke down why she thinks Meghan Markle’s journey with the royal family should be considered a “cautionary tale” for other women.

Shared via her Instagram Stories last night, Seales said that she didn’t understand Meghan’s logic in not researching the royal family before becoming involved with Harry — a truth the Duchess shared in the interview she and Prince Harry did with Oprah which aired this past Sunday. According to Seales’ advice for all the single ladies out there, doing some preliminary research on the people you date is crucial — whether they’re royals or not.

“I know that everybody is hopping on the ‘Yes for Megan’ train, but I want this to also be a tale — a learning lesson,” the comedienne began in the video. Explaining what people can learn from the mistake she thinks Meghan made, she continued, “There was a point in the interview when Oprah said, ‘Didn’t you know anything about the royal family before you went into this?’ and she [Meghan] was like ‘No I just – I didn’t feel the need to do that research.’

“I feel like if she would have said, ‘I just didn’t want to form an opinion on them without first getting my own,’ that would make sense to me. But [instead] it was just this kind of idea that it was an unnecessary thing to do,” Seales said of how she interpreted Meghan’s response. Speaking on why she thinks the Duchess should have done some research on the whole family before getting too involved with Harry, she continued, “When you’re dealing with a family of that magnitude, of that lineage, and of that history – it seems essential.

“I mean sh*t — we do full Instagram forensics on just regular old n*ggas,” she argued. Encouraging other women to learn from Meghan’s journey, Seales said, “Do not feel ashamed or weird about doing research about someone that you’re interested in — it is imperative. So many of our mothers were trapped in relationships with trash a*s people because they didn’t have access to the internet and they also had to lean on them for economics. Well you know what? We’re in a new time,” the star said. “And I’m talking specifically about cis and heterosexual relationships right now — but I just wanted to say that because we still live in a patriarchal society — and there is value in using technology for this,” she said on dating.

“Al Gore’s internet can be your friend and can save you from marrying into a racist royal family that has not only been the lineage of slavery and oppression that’s helped to spread global misery across the world — but also a family that has been suspected of being responsible for the passing of your husband‘s mother… so yeah,” Seales said on the controversies that have swirled the royal family while also discouraging her viewers to date blindly the way Meghan did.

“Google is your friend, I guess my last thought is,” she continued, “I just feel like when you go into any situation as a Black woman… there’s a certain level of like ‘How Black am I going to have to get?’ In this particular situation, I’m like how do you not go into this with a consciousness of ‘Sh*t could get real?'” Seales emphasized on her confusion regarding Meghan’s decision. “I mean I’ve gone into certain Walmarts and known me being a Black woman could be an issue — you was going into Buckingham Palace.”

Wrapping up the video, Seales told her followers overall on her thoughts, “So cautionary tale for sure — and again — nothing I said discounts the fact that them people [the royal family] don’t really have any other real purpose than being this kind of like this fantastical menagerie of seemingly maniacal individuals — full trash — yes, a dumpster fire.” The comedienne captioned her message with, “PSA: Do your royal research! #igstorygems Hit them Googles before you hit them sheets!”

Overall, Seales brought up some good points. Even though it was strangely heartwarming to hear that Meghan went into her relationship with Harry blind, in an effort to give the possibility of unbiased love between them a fair chance — doing some digging on a person’s history is always a smart move before getting involved with them. If Meghan were to have done research on Harry and his family beforehand — while I don’t think it would have stopped them from getting married in the long run — I do think that it might have given her more context surrounding the issues she’s experienced with them.

That being said, the reality is that Meghan didn’t do the research. She instead crafted a life with Harry outside of the royal family — and that’s a huge accomplishment. It couldn’t have been easy for her and him to step down from their places as senior members of the monarchy, but they did it anyways. As their interview with Oprah showed — distancing themselves from the royal family in the way that they did has even put them in the position where can now publicly call out Buckingham Palace for all the mistreatment they’ve allegedly experienced once Meghan came into the picture. All things considered, even though she claimed to have not done the research before getting serious with him — Meghan clearly was still able to find happiness with Harry by creating it and not just going with the flow of what history said should be their fate within the monarchy. Not only is that brave — but Meghan should definitely be respected for that.

Albeit a bit shady at times, Seales’ comments on the Duke and Duchess’ interview with Oprah clearly wasn’t meant as an attack on Meghan. As the comedienne highlighted, while it may be smarter for women to use the internet in their favor when it comes to dating — one has to wonder if Meghan really would have avoided getting with Harry if she had. If the royals at Buckingham Palace, the British paparazzi, depression, racism, and the whole other magnitude of obstacles Meghan faced weren’t able to keep her from finding happiness with him — who’s to say that a little preliminary research would have?

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