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best vegan replacements

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There are many reasons people choose to go vegan. They may want to save the planet since studies have found that the greenhouse gas emissions from meat production are some of the worst culprits destroying our environment. They may struggle to eat anything that once had a face, for personal reasons. They may just want to lose weight and have seen the stellar bodies of many vegan celebrities who quit animal products. Some just go vegan to see if they can – kind of like when you stop drinking alcohol or stop eating sugar just to prove to yourself that you aren’t addicted to the stuff. These are all valid reasons, but they can become rather quiet in your mind when you have a serious hankering for animal products and struggle to find a way to satisfy that craving.

“My social life” is something many vegans say they miss the most after turning vegan. And a lot of that has to do with the fact that, if you want to be purely vegan, you’re almost forced to eat most meals at home. Attending dinner parties or meeting friends at restaurants leaves you feeling like a pest, because you make special requests, or you’re left hungry because you refused to be a pest. If you do go vegan (which I did for four years), there will quickly be some things that you realize are really difficult to replace. You’ll still have those cravings for them. Here are some of the most difficult foods to replace on a vegan diet, with alternatives.

best vegan replacements

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Pizza crust

Pizza is one of the top comfort foods. In fact, the Food Network reports that pizza is America’s favorite comfort food. For many of us, it’s a part of our fondest memories, like our childhood birthday parties or movie nights in with friends. So when you go vegan, you could find yourself scrambling to know what to do when the craving for pizza hits. Making your own will be the easiest way to control the ingredients because everything down to the dough will contain animal products if you order from most restaurants. I’ve tried many vegan pizza crusts on the market and have found that they either fall apart, are too thin, or are too dense. Banza makes really good pasta which I’ve eaten for years, and now I’m a fan of their pizza dough. It manages to have structure and doesn’t add any weird flavor to your food. You can load it up with toppings and it won’t fall apart.

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