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Throughout yesterday and this morning, like us, celebrities watched with the rest of the world as Pro-Trump protesters attacked this nation’s democracy at the Capitol. Via Twitter, many stars shared commentary about the chaos that ensued yesterday in Washington D.C., including their thoughts, opinions, feelings, and theories. Many shared similar sentiments, including disappointment and confusion regarding the seemingly toned-down and unprepared handling of the violent rioters, and sadness when comparing that to the treatment many Black Lives Matters peaceful protesters received last summer. Across the spectrum of the entertainment world, actors, musicians, athletes, and the like all took to social media just as the rest of us did, in utter disbelief of what America has come to.

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Regina King

Actress Regina King was on Jimmy Kimmel last night when she shared her thoughts about the day’s events. She told the late-night host, “I tuned in to people being escorted with pitchforks and being escorted down down the steps after protesting very calmly by police officers after they had broken windows and yeah, ‘The Divided States of America.'”

She followed up with the same sentiment on her Twitter account saying, “Welcome to the DSA. The Divided States of America,” with two photos side-by-side beneath the tweet. One depicted a Black man in a suit, seemingly being forcibly handled by law enforcement officials, while the other photo showed a white man walking freely in the Capitol building holding up a confederate flag.

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Rachel Lindsay

In a series of tweets, former Bachelorette star and podcast host Rachel Lindsay also called out the clear disparities in treatment between the Proud Boys and protesters from Wednesday’s antics compared to BLM protests of the summer. In her eyes, what happened yesterday is a blatant follow-through of President Trump’s detrimental message to his base.

“Can you imagine if the BLM protests stormed the Capitol like this????” she asked.

“This is the type of America half the country votes for,” she added. “This is the Proud Boys literally carrying out the President’s order to ‘stand back and stand by.'”

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Cardi B

Cardi B took to Twitter to share her thoughts as well. The rapper called the violent protests of yesterday, in comparison to the generally peaceful BLM protests of last summer, “ironic.” She also encouraged her followers to not go outside and stay home if they lived in D.C. because “this ain’t our business.”

“The irony is pretty funny………weren’t people just wild animals in the summer for demanding justice and now?🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔  ……Let me just watch,” she said.

Shortly after told her fans, “And y’all better NOT BE OUTSIDE!!These are wild thugs out here ! Stay home.This ain’t our business. Stay at home safe but dangerous!”

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Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton gave her two cents, reminding people that she’s a DMV native. According to her, there’s no way the Proud Boys could have just stormed into the Capitol building, someone must have “let them through.”

“They would have killed all of us an hour ago 6blocks away,” she said. “Stay y’all asses at home ‼️ ‼️ this is not our fight. Watch them be the ‘thugs’ they called us 💯”

“Let me tell y’all something I’m from DMV and there ain’t NO WAY those ‘thugs’ ‘pushed’ their way on the grounds or INSIDE the capital [sic] someone/people 100 percent LET them through,” she continued. ” I’m calling BS!!..#CapitolBuilding”

“It’s the fake a– ‘riot’ police helping them down the steps for me 🤔 #CapitolBuilding,” she added.



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Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes shared his thoughts throughout the day with several tweets. According to him, the behavior we saw was not only “appalling” but “NOT PATRIOTIC AT ALL.” For him, the double standards and white privilege within this country are more apparent now than ever.

“This is disgusting, appalling and NOT AT ALL PATRIOTIC,” he said. “The double standards are more obvious than ever before.”

One user replied, “Where is the tear gas? What about rubber bullets? If this was any other protest those tactics would have been employed. Is the line drawn at color? Party affiliation? Why is there such a stark difference?” to which Snipes replied back, “This is privilege.”

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Yvette Nicole Brown

On Thursday (January 7), the comedian and actress pointed out the fact that white domestic terrorists are often painted as “misunderstood, lone wolves in the media.” For her, America can no longer break her heart.

“If they recognized & called violent, destructive white men the domestic terrorists they are every time they’ve terrorized this nation, maybe everyone would’ve been ready and prepared for the terror they caused yesterday.

How many misunderstood, lone wolves were there yesterday?” she asked.

“As you can tell, I’m a bit annoyed by it all,” she said. “Not surprised.
No longer shocked. I’m a good and grown Black woman. America long ago lost its ability to break my heart. I know the racist nation I live in. Just sharing my thoughts about the insurrection yesterday. #MAGA 👌🏻”

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Don Cheadle

Actor Don Cheadle was a guest on yesterday’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. When speaking with Fallon, he described the chaos of yesterday’s events as “unbelievable.” The star said if anything, he was “glad” he could process the turmoil alongside his family.

“It’s incredible. We’re watching, unfortunately, a historical event that could have been predicted, I believe, and we’re watching it happen in real-time now,” he said. “I’m glad I’m with my family, and we’re all sort of processing this together.”

He also tweeted, “guns drawn in the chamber … smdh …,” in reaction to police authorities having to draw their weapons in the House chamber while Trump’s mob rioted.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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Janet Hubert

The actress and former sitcom star let us know via her Twitter account last night that for her, after watching the chaos ensue for a while, she eventually had to change the channel. She went as far as to wonder whether Trump planned the rioters storming the building, and was one of the many to chastise the police for not handling the situation more proactively.

“Peaceful BLM protesters get rubber bullets, tear gas and knocked to the ground,” she said. “Trump protesters are allowed to breach the stairs. HGTV here I come…#themadmanisalmostgone #wewonatla”

“So did Trump plan all this to allow them to get into the building…Hmmmmm well planned by the Republicans,” she added, “BLM, there would be black and white bodies lying bleeding all over the place. Police standing around like they are waiting for a bus.
Do not ever tell me life is fair”

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Dwyane Wade

Basketball Player Dwyane Wade made his thoughts know via several retweets and replies.

DWade retweeted White House reporter Andrew Feinberg, who tweeted, “Let’s be clear about something: The mob assaulting Capitol Police officers and trying to break into the Capitol to stop Congress from functioning is doing so on @realDonaldTrump’s express orders today.”

“Black people get pulled over and don’t make it out alive. We can’t sleep in our own beds without being killed. We can’t jog without being killed. We can’t walk down the street with our hoodies up without being killed but they can do this???,” he tweeted as a reply to a photo of protesters at the capital.

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Gabrielle Union

Taking a page from her hubby’s book, Union also retweeted and replied as a way of taking part in the conversation. She emphasized the need for holding Trump and the violent protesters accountable for the actions against America’s democracy.
In one of the many, she retweeted a user who said, “I will never forget as long as I live, the president of the United States telling white supremacist I love you on a video.”
In another, she retweeted, “I am calling for @OversightDems to immediately pursue a full & transparent investigation into today’s terrorist acts & those individuals & agencies who enabled them.
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