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Fix My Life Shay Johnson

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Iyanla Vanzant believes Shay Johnson couldn’t take her “process” because she wasn’t the one in control of it.

The 67-year-old Fix My Life host, who is wrapping up her final season of her hit OWN series, shared that opinion while visiting The Wendy Williams Show this week. During her sit-down with the host, which was a little icy for some reason (what’s that about Wendy?), she was asked about recent well-known guests. Johnson’s name came up, and Williams claimed that Johnson said “you abuse your power.”

“She ended up going on social media immediately and saying horrible things about you and the show,” Williams told her.

Vanzant didn’t have anything negative to say about the Love and Hip Hop star. Instead, she noted that Johnson made the choice to leave on her own because she couldn’t have her way. Nevertheless, good came out of the situation, at least for her family.

“I did not put her out. She left, that was very clear, because I think she wasn’t in control of the process. It’s very clear,” she said. “We don’t use a script. We tell a story. She left on her own and she has her version of what happened and I have mine. But here’s the bottom line: Every guest gives me an intention. Her intention was to get healing for her family. That’s what she said. That’s in the show and that’s what happened. She left. Her family got the healing.”

Johnson ended up seeing that part of the interview and had something to say — to Williams though, not Vanzant. She called the talk show host “Messy” for the way she characterized her comments.

“My ‘LIVE’ you’re referring to was my opinion with my experience on #FixMyLife,” she wrote. “I did not say horrible things about @iyanlavanzant 😂… I spoke my truth and that’s that have a blessed day 😘”

Before editing that caption, Johnson originally wrote “(P.S. @wendyshow you should go on the show! We all know you need to ‘FIX YOUR LIFE’) could help.”

Johnson’s comments about Vanzant weren’t horrible, but they were critical of the way she goes about her process. She claimed Vanzant let her ego actually get the best of her, because when she tried to return to the show and talk things through with the motivational speaker, Vanzant made it clear her boundaries were remaining and she wouldn’t work with her after feeling disrespected.

“Instead of allowing your ego and pride to get in the way, why not have a conversation, because you guys came to me and asked me to have a conversation with her. I said yes and she shut it down allowing her ego to get in the way,” she said. “So that’s why I’m like, if you’re a professional, this isn’t what you do. I didn’t attack you. I didn’t call you out your name. I didn’t do anything for you to have the reaction that you had because this is something you do professionally. So you deal with all different types of emotions. So based on that, your reaction to me was bulls–t.”

Johnson did say “f–k the process,” but the jury is out on whether or not that would be deemed a personal attack against the host.

“But I will never go on national television and talk to a therapist again,” she added. “What I did realize is it’s very important to see a therapist. If you have issues it really can help situations. But the right therapist can help your situation. You have to find the right therapist that you connect with and you just have a vibe. I don’t vibe with her. I don’t vibe with her attitude. I don’t vibe with her smart a– mouth. I don’t vibe with her disrespect. And I don’t vibe with the fact that she don’t own up to sh-t.”


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