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It seems that NeNe Leakes and on-again, off-again friend Wendy Williams are back on the outs, and based on the claims Leakes recently made about the talk show host, they might be done for good.

The straw that seems to have broken the camel’s back for Leakes was the fact that Williams sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live and was asked what she thought about Leakes leaving RHOA and if they were still friends. She started off by saying they were indeed friends, but commenced to speak of Leakes as anything but.

“NeNe is my friend and I know her as Linnethia. I don’t know her as this person on reality TV. Just what I watch,” she said. “I believe and I told you this also, I believe this is not a truth. NeNe has quit the show several times and you’ll have her back, and NeNe likes attention. Dramatic attention. I don’t know what NeNe’s going to be doing for money. I’m not trying to count coins, but the Housewives is that one thing that all the girls use to promote their other stuff. And while NeNe is as famous as Bethenny [Frankel], Bethenny has turned it into a legitimate multi-million dollar situation.”

From there, Williams placed doubt on any other reality show ideas revolving around the former RHOA vet actually being entertaining.

“What are they gonna do? Is it gonna be Gregg and NeNe? You’re going to give them another reality show? That’s boring,” she said. “How about NeNe being a grandmother? That’s boring. NeNe and her own kids? That’s boring. NeNe trying to figure out Hollywood? That’s boring.”

We know that Leakes felt some type of way about those comments, and dished out a few of her own, accusing her old friend of doing cocaine and Cohen of being a racist nobody whom she helped to elevate.

Leakes also did a video on her YouTube channel on Tuesday to address the matter again, and made it clear that she was done with Williams.

“I don’t have a friend that knows what I have been going through lately that would do this kind of thing to me. I don’t have that friend that is around me,” she said. “Yes, I have considered Wendy a close friend or associate. Why she has chosen to speak so negatively of me lately, I have not come out, I have not commented on it.”

She also touched on Williams talking about her ambushing her on Instagram Live a few months ago and how she tried to let that go, even after Williams called her “friend” an “over there person,” giving the impression that they’re not close. But now Leakes is done going high while her so-called friend goes low.

“Spend more of your time trying to figure out how you can drain your enormously large legs and feet as opposed to learning about my family and what we’re doing,” she said. “You need to find the nearest water pill. Okay?”

It’s not a surprise that Leakes is fed up. In fact, I’ve wondered for some time why she maintained a relationship with Williams this long. I would have to agree with her former co-stars in believing that the relationship was strategic. Perhaps Leakes thought having the talk show host and major influencer in entertainment on her side would be a benefit. However, that never stopped Williams from speaking her true, unfiltered opinions on all things Leakes, including on her marriage to Gregg. She has never been shy about openly shading Leakes on her show and as we saw this week, on other people’s shows, even after the two worked through their issues last summer. And while Leakes would never let anyone else get away with such behavior, she continued to give Williams chance after chance.

But Williams has never seemed all that excited about their friendship. Truthfully, she has always seemed less than impressed with reality stars, from the ones who sit on her couch at the show to those who are actually in her life. Whether she was making them appear dim-witted or trying to shame them for their past, she hasn’t really shown them much respect. With that being said, it’s no shock that she didn’t show much regard for Leakes. The whole situation played out to me in the way that everyday friendships do when one person thinks their life and their accomplishments are better or more important than the other’s. The shade is always evident, the lack of support is constant, and despite your best efforts to give them the benefit of the doubt, they prove how one-sided the friendship really is. Williams even said herself that RHOA antics were beneath her.

“I am not a housewife,” she said on her show. “Sorry, my career is a bit…different than being a housewife. I don’t need that kind of attention.”

“I’m not slumming by being some add-on out a suitcase for some Housewives,” she added. “And yeah, for me, that is slumming for where I am.”

Leakes ignored the reality of how the star really saw her way too many times, opting to show loyalty to Williams (she wouldn’t speak on the host’s behavior towards her at the RHOA reunion) while her “friend” would never hold back when given the chance to talk about the reality star.

Whether they remain in each other’s lives or not at this point, we know that Williams will continue to speak her mind about Leakes, her family, her money and her career. It was about time though that Leakes stopped making it seem like such actions were okay by maintaining a relationship with someone who would treat her that way. She showed some respect for herself by no longer attempting to be a faithful friend to someone who couldn’t bother to do the same. And if there’s anything we all can learn from their relationship gone sour yet again, it’s that when a so-called friend shows you who they really are and what they really think of you the first time, that’s when you exit stage left.

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