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Kirk Frost and Bambi

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During this latest season of Love and hip Hop Atlanta, star Bambi caught some flack with fans of the show for criticizing co-star LightSkinKeisha. She claimed the burgeoning rapper’s long-time boyfriend was stolen from one of Bambi’s friends. Bambi called out Keisha’s alleged behavior as breaking “girl code” and said she would never go “for a man who’s taken. That’s some fake a– wannabe City Girls homewrecker sh-t.” She also played a part in Scrappy scrapping (pun intended) a record of Keisha’s that his vocals were featured on.

However, people quickly pointed out that Bambi didn’t seem to have a problem with such behavior when she was sitting in a hot tub with Benzino and a married Kirk Frost a few seasons earlier. While she didn’t do anything inappropriate with Kirk, she watched him kiss on and head to the bedroom with a couple of women who were also in the hot tub, all while his very pregnant wife Rasheeda was at home. At the time that the moment was brought up to show some hypocrisy on Bambi’s part, she said it wasn’t her responsibility to keep Kirk from doing anything because she barely knew him at the time.

“Not sure why I was supposed to care about what Kirk was doing when I didn’t know him or Rasheeda at the time and I was clearly there with the single person,” she said online. “It’s not that hard.”

But what does Kirk say about the whole messy situation all these years later? Producers behind the series decided to show him that sordid hot tub video in the present. They asked him what he thought of Bambi going from hanging in hot tubs with he and Benzino to falling in love and marrying Scrappy. He admitted he thought it was a little odd at first, but he believed she would be good fit for the “Money in the Bank” rapper.

“You know when Scrappy started to date Bambi, I actually was like, ‘She’s really a good chick, though,'” he said. “She was kind of watching out for me at that joint, even though it seems strange. Bambi was the one that was like, ‘Aye, get it together.’ She felt like a big sister. So she was chillin’. She was there but she ain’t do nothin’ crazy. So I kind of feel like it’s weird to see them together, but I told him I could see them being together. We’ve talked about it before. I always thought she was wifey material. I would always say that about her.”

As for what he has to say about his hot tub behavior now, he did say he regrets it — while simultaneously laying some blame on Benzino for his own antics.

“Definitely have regrets watching it. It’s hard to watch,” he said. “I can’t even believe that I was on that type of sh-t, but damn. I think the relationship at that point in time, I kind of thought it was over between me and Rasheeda. And she was like, ‘go ahead.  Do whatever you want to do.’ Definitely wouldn’t do nothin’ like that today. I was hanging with one of my single friends who had me doing single man things and definitely I regret it now.”

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