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Kristen Scott

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Being on Basketball Wives hasn’t been easy for star Kristen Scott. She’s seen her friendship with Cece Gutierrez fall apart, and in turn, her relationship with her father-in-law, Byron Scott, who is engaged to Cece, also take a negative turn. She’s butted heads with co-star O.G., had her husband’s paternity situation put on blast, and she’s received plenty of flack from viewers who aren’t a fan of some of her actions on the show. A thick skin had to be formed to deal with it.

But there are some things she’s dealt with that go a lot deeper and scarier than friend and family issues, some unveiled “skeletons” or a few negative comments.

The reality TV personality recently did an IG Live chat with Chris Collie, also known as @fashionsguyny (picked up by Urban Belle Mag), and during the conversation, she shared that she dealt with death threats that were so ridiculous, they couldn’t be ignored.

“I have been threatened on Instagram where it was pretty scary,” she said. “I have. It was pretty interesting, the DM that I received back in the day. Not this season but last season, I did get a pretty interesting threat. Sometimes people take it too far. It’s television.”

“You can have your opinion and you can voice your opinion by all means, but to take it to the place that this one person took it to, you either need a padded room or handcuffs,” she added.

Kristen said she ended up going to authorities about it, just to be on the safe side.

“I had to. I have a friend that is a police officer that was like, no this is a cyber crime,” she said. “It was bad. It was really unnecessary.”

However, she said that she didn’t do it out of fear for herself. Instead, she just wanted to make sure her daughter, Kenzi, would be okay.

“I do not live my life in fear,” she said. “It more wasn’t about me. It was more about my family and making sure they were safe and that they were protected. They’re my number one priority, so if they weren’t in my life, maybe I would have been like, ‘Oh, whatever, I’m not going to go to the authorities.’ But because I have so many other people to protect, I did go to the authorities.”

The scary incident didn’t make her think twice about doing Basketball Wives though, because she knew what she was getting herself into, even if people took things a step too far online.

“Did it make me think twice about doing the show? No. Because like I said, everyone’s going to have something to say,” she said. “If I walk down the street and wasn’t on the show, or I accidentally cut someone off while I’m driving, there’s always going to be something. I just stay prayed up basically [laughs].”

The star has no regrets about doing the show (though there are some things she does wonder if she could have handled differently), nor any regrets or concerns about how she’s viewed by those who watch it.

“I’m always going to stand firm and be who I am even if you don’t get to see that completely,” she said. “For me it wasn’t a nervousness, it was more like, stay true to yourself and try to navigate through all the B.S.”

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