Why You May Have No Libido During This Pandemic

April 28, 2020  |  
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True confession: my partner and I just finally had sex for the first time in over two months this week. The last time before that was just about a week before businesses slowly began to close down due to COVID-19. But after that, all of the emotions and meltdowns that can come with this pandemic took over us. There wasn’t a day in two months that having sex ever felt right.




You may have some friends who are telling you that they’re having more sex than ever with their partners because it’s how they pass the time. Or, maybe they’re the type of people for whom negative emotions like sadness and fear makes them horny—you know, like people who always find someone to get it on with after a funeral. I’ve personally never really understood that. I need to be in a good headspace and a solid emotional state to even consider having sex.


Maybe you’re like me, and need to feel emotionally sound to feel aroused. And yet, you thought you felt well enough throughout this pandemic to be in the mood. And so you’re surprised that you haven’t been. But it can be way more complex than just feeling happy or sad right now. Here are reasons you may have no libido during this pandemic.


You aren’t having lively conversation

You and your partner used to go off and have your separate, interesting days. You had work. You had your hobbies. You went to the gym. You visited friends. You had your things that you did, and then, when you got home at night, you shared all about your day. You told each other fun stories. You brought something new and interesting to the table for conversation, and it made you both excited, giddy, and feeling bonded. But now, you both had the exact same day. In the house. Nothing new to report. It just doesn’t stimulate you.

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