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edible moisturizer

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Right now, accessing your preferred, high-end moisturizers may be an issue. Everybody is ordering to their homes now. The major facial care and cosmetics stores are not open. You can’t just pop on into Sephora when you want your face cream. You have to order it online, just like everybody else. And, seriously, everybody is doing it, so there can be a major delay in deliveries. USPS released a statement about how they’re keeping their personnel and customers safe during this time, and it included the CDC’s assurance that packages from China should not be contaminated, as it would be difficult for the virus to survive that long a journey. But, nonetheless, some still aren’t quite comfortable interacting at all with a package that’s been in a busy warehouse, or being even within six feet of a stranger, like a delivery driver.


For the above-stated reasons, you may find that your skin is cracking, and you can’t get your usual moisturizer. But I think this quarantine has been a good time for us to learn how to be resourceful. We’re learning how to multitask with items that we didn’t previously use often, like canned beans and noodles. We are learning to think outside the box. This is not a time to be picky. I’m having to remind my baby boomer mom that, who does not seem to be worried about this virus, every time she wants to just “pop down to the store for some fresh flowers.” “Mom! Fresh flowers are not a necessity and not worth risking exposure to the virus over!”


Any time you think you need to leave your home and go to the store, look around your house and see what you have. If you can use something there, use it. Don’t put yourself at risk over something silly. Moisturizer isn’t silly, of course, but the belief that you need the pricey jarred stuff is. Because these are edible moisturizers you may already have at home.

edible moisturizer

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil is full of antioxidants, vitamin E (which you’ll notice is often added to store-bought creams), and has antimicrobial properties to fight off bacteria. It’s good to have around as a healthy cooking alternative to vegetable oil, and can be used in vegan baked goods. But it can also go right on your face.

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