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Yandy Smith-Harris

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A big conversation from last night’s Love and Hip Hop New York that I noticed on Twitter centered around a comment Yandy Smith-Harris made about Chrissy Lampkin not having any children “of her own.” While I get why people are upset, especially as someone who’s written about how I wish women on reality TV wouldn’t act as though their fertility makes them better than others, I’m on the fence about this one. Was it shade or a fact?

During episode four, aka, “Some Sticky Big Bizness,” Chrissy went out of her way following her big blowup with Yandy at Jonathan Fernandez’s cologne launch to try and prove that Yandy never really worked with her business partner, Greg Parker. Yandy did know Greg, and met with him, which he confirmed, and according to her, she invested “something small” with him. What we would later find out in the episode is that a photo he took with her and her business partner Jamila he would remove from his social media because Chrissy had a problem with it. He also seemingly decided to pass on doing more business with her because Chrissy would be against it.

When Yandy and Chrissy met up to discuss all of this, Chrissy admitted she didn’t want Greg doing business with her foe.

“Number one reason I don’t do business with Yandy is because Jimmy gave her her start,” she said in her confessional in reference to her fiancé, Jim Jones. “She disrespected him. So no, Yandy, I’m not doing business with you now.”

“That’s my people and my connection,” she told Yandy. “If I have the power to tell him it’s a no for me, dog, and he go with it, then you have to give me that.”

Yandy, not understanding the pettiness of the move, told her she was taking food from her children’s mouths.

“But let me tell you something. When I work, it’s to feed kids,” she said. “I got mouths that I gotta feed.”

Chrissy responded by saying, “I feed grown ups.”

In her confessional, Yandy chose to take that shot that people have said was very disrespectful.

“What’s all the hate for? You not hating on me, you hating on my children,” she said. “But I guess someone that doesn’t have any of her own wouldn’t know how that feels or what that’s like.”

While she had no issue saying that in the confessional, Yandy still tried to rationalize face-to-face with Chrissy about how her actions were affecting others during their brief sit down.

“If you say to me, ‘Yeah, I told him he can’t work with you,’ that’s straight saying, Amir, Skylar, Infinity, ya’ll can’t eat off this,” she said. “Why?”

Chrissy said she wasn’t coming for anybody but Yandy.

“That’s you saying that, not me. Those are your responsibilities,” she said. “So then be careful about who you disrespect, and you won’t have that problem going forward.”

While I can agree that pointing out that Chrissy is without child comes off as a jab that is below the belt, there is some truth to this idea that if you don’t have children, you may not be able to really identify with a mother who says everything she does, particularly when it comes to “securing the bag,” is for her kids. And honestly, Chrissy cared not that she was “stopping the bag” of Yandy, based on some unresolved issues from years ago, which could indeed take away from her family. Granted, Yandy doesn’t seem to be anywhere near struggling to the point where her children are going without (that chrome rose gold Range Rover proves that), but if enough business opportunities were to fall through, that certainly wouldn’t be good. I don’t think it’s crazy to surmise that a person without kids may not truly empathize with the hustle of someone with multiple, who is taking care of them alone.

Also, it should be pointed out that Chrissy has said she wasn’t interested in having children. She told VH1 ahead of Season 10 that though Jim wanted to expand his family with her (he, of course, has a son of his own), she wasn’t for it because of how it would impact their complicated relationship.

“I love children and I take care of everybody else’s, but it’s just not necessary for me,” she said. “I’m a person that feels like a child doesn’t complete me, especially with my lifestyle. I’m an only child, my parents are gone, grandparents are gone, Jimmy’s always on the road, I just feel like a child would cause me to put more pressure on the way he moves and I don’t think our relationship could stand that. I’m not trying to be a single parent. Even though he’s a good father to his son, there are some things I would want different and I know that I wouldn’t get that from him, at least I think I wouldn’t. And at this point that ship has sailed, girl, these eggs is fried [laughs].”

All that being said, we wonder if Chrissy’s feelings would actually be hurt by Yandy’s statement. She may not really care.

Overall, I do think Yandy is probably going to regret the comments she made in her confessionals during last night’s episode (if you ask me, the “dummy” one probably will be seen as the most disrespectful of all). However, I think when you start coming for the ways in which people make their living because of pettiness, you can’t really be that surprised at how they may respond and what they may assume about you. And in reality, blocking someone’s business versus sharing an opinion, even if you think it’s a not-so-nice one, aren’t on the same level if you ask me…

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