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Yandy, Kimbella and Chrissy

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After watching the premiere and episode two of Love and Hip Hop New York Season 10, aka, The Return of the OGs, there were a number of storylines that were of interest. Joe Budden gaslighting Cyn Santana, Rich Dollaz’s obsession with Erica Mena, and Tahiry Jose’s return to shake things up were a few standouts (Olivia is even about to return, y’all!). However, I was most taken aback and confused by the whole Kimbella Vanderhee with Chrissy Lampkin vs. Yandy Smith-Harris drama.

I could respect that upon Chrissy’s “return” to NYC, she wanted to try and mend things with Kimbella for the sake of all things Dipset. It was big of her to be willing to own her overreaction to Kimbella’s admission of past relations with Fabolous during Emily B’s party in Season 2, which turned into an incredibly ugly and memorable fight. It was also commendable of Kimbella to be able to forgive her for that, knowing how embarrassing it probably was to have been sucker punched and stepped on in that manner, chile.

What wasn’t noble though, was the fact that now that Kimbella had a new friend in her corner, she used that to make off-and-on friend Yandy uncomfortable. (If you’ll recall, Kimbella was upset with Yandy over that drama with Mendeecees’s baby mothers at the kids party when they were all about to fight, and retaliated to Yandy’s alleged disloyalty by questioning her motives for adopting her daughter, Infinity.)

She brought Chrissy to Remy Ma’s parole-free party to ambush Yandy into having a heart-to-heart conversation, which Yandy likely wouldn’t have agreed to her on her own. Of course, it went nowhere. It seemed that Chrissy wanted Yandy to acknowledge or maybe apologize for changing when she was working as Jim Jones’s manager, and for letting him know that some of his purchases for Chrissy were not smart money moves. When Yandy made it clear she was just trying to keep their lights on and had no interest in being the same chick from back in the day that made Chrissy happy, those two were officially at odds once again. And while Yandy was bothered that Kimbella would even walk into Remy’s party with the same woman who beat her up like they were BFFs now, she still met up with Kimbella, Jonathan Fernandez and Cyn Santana as if nothing happened.

When they all met up, Cyn brought up that she heard about Chrissy and Jim having foreclosure drama, and Yandy pulled up a Bossip article detailing that Jim lost the couple’s New Jersey mansion after failing to make payments on it for a decade. Kimbella, who had this new allegiance to Chrissy, called Yandy out as being messy and not being her friend. And when Yandy reminded her that she was caping for the same woman who beat her like she stole something on national TV, Kimbella tried to flip on Yandy and say that she stood by and did nothing when Chrissy attacked her all those years ago. Production ran back the tapes though, and Yandy did physically try and hold Chrissy back, but she couldn’t stop that sneak punch.

All that being said, there is nothing wrong with Kimbella genuinely wanting to move on from drama with Chrissy, but it’s lame if she’s only doing so to spite Yandy, which seems to be the case. It says a lot about one’s character if when they find themselves at odds with a good friend or former friend, they go make nice with that person’s adversary. She did a similar thing last year when she made the comment about Infinity in front of Mariah Lynn, who was in that particular scene, talking negatively about Yandy’s intentions, too. Kimbella’s way of doing things is especially confusing when she does all that, but still goes to Yandy’s events and shows up to hang out with her as though things are good when she carries so much animosity. How confusing and corny is that?

I wasn’t the only person who felt some type of way about Kimbella’s tactics, as Twitter said she’s already off to a bad start in Season 10. Hit the flip to see more hilarious reactions to her behavior in the premiere episodes:

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