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Chrissy Lampkin

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It’s very interesting to watch women who have no problem holding their own with other women, whether it’s in throwing shade or standing their ground in verbal and even physical arguments, handle the men in their lives with kiddie gloves.

I’ve seen it with the likes of Kenya Moore on Real Housewives of Atlanta in response to the coldness of her husband, Marc Daly, and in just three episodes of Love and Hip Hop New York, I’ve been reminded of it when it comes to Chrissy Lampkin and longtime partner Jim Jones.

By the end of episode three on Monday night, we watched Lampkin, once again, going toe-to-toe with co-star Yandy Smith-Harris. Chrissy ended the episode threatening to f–k up Yandy if “you don’t relax” and telling her that she didn’t want “no smoke.” All of this was over Yandy being vocal about feeling like Kimbella Vanderhee was trying to start trouble between them.

Kimbella told Chrissy at the beginning of the show that Yandy brought the news up of she and Jim’s home in New Jersey being foreclosed on due to his (or his team’s) lack of payments during a group lunch. She also claimed that Yandy said it happened because she no longer worked for Jim as his manager. That wasn’t exactly how it went, though. Cyn Santana was the person at that lunch to bring up the topic, but Yandy did pull up the story. Yandy also noted that the article read that payments stopped back in 2010 and she replied, “That’s interesting, that’s right around the time I stopped managing him.” Whatever was said and/or implied, Chrissy didn’t like it, nor did she appreciate the energy Yandy had when confronted about her comments, though said energy was actually directed at Kimbella. It was confusing because Chrissy went from very calm to very agitated while Yandy was trying to tell her that her new “friend” was just looking to start trouble. It was kind of like…what are they about to fight about now?

It’s also kind of confusing because I’m always wondering when Chrissy is going to have this same energy for her man. She was irritated because of what Yandy said about a situation that her partner allowed to happen, and allegedly kept her in the dark about while feeling no type of way about it. By the time the news got out of their foreclosure though, Chrissy, who now works with other women, the Lady Millionaire Club, as part of a real estate group, had to explain her situation to those people. They were understandably skeptical about the fact that they’d put their money in the hands of someone who couldn’t even keep her own home. As she told them, in tears at a special meeting, she didn’t live in their New Jersey home at the time that things were really going left, instead moving to Miami, and that Jim kept her out of the loop about the situation. She had to explain her man’s mistakes, which had come down on her head. Nevertheless, when she tried to speak to him about how he had impacted her business situation later in the episode, Jim barely cared. In fact, he thought it wasn’t a big deal.

“I don’t think it’s that bad,” he told her over Facetime. “I don’t think it’s as bad as it makes you feel, but we all got pride and I guess your pride about certain things is different than my pride about certain things.”

He downplayed the whole thing, even closing their conversation with a joke about throwing a rock in the windows of her listings. Meanwhile, she made very valid points and all he told her was that she didn’t need to explain anything to anybody. Granted, she shouldn’t have had to because it wasn’t her fault, but what he fails to always realize is that she often has to answer for his shenanigans because they’re supposed to be a team. What he does or doesn’t do affects her, even though he doesn’t have to publicly answer for it. She’s had to do that for years, from proposing to him to get him to move his feet in their relationship, to having to explain all these years later why they still haven’t married, and why she had to move to a whole other city to get him to take their serious long-term relationship, actually serious.

It’s crazy that despite the ways in which he’s publicly embarrassed her, or just been overall lax about her importance in his life, she will never get him together the way she gets the ladies she cusses out straight. All that being said, I don’t need her to sucker punch him or call him everything but a child of God to prove she won’t take his sh-t and that she doesn’t take crap from anybody, but I just wonder how she can fight so hard for respect from everyone but the man she’s given more than a decade of her life to. Crazy what love can do, I guess…

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