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a mother's love is

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The mother daughter relationship is not always easy. My relationship with my mom has certainly had its ups and downs, and possibly more downs than ups. We have definitely threatened each other with therapy many times throughout my life. I’ve told her she needs therapy, she has told me I need therapy, and we have suggested we go to therapy together. There have been yelling matches that ended in crying and someone locking herself in a bedroom. Sometimes both of us locked ourselves in opposing bedrooms, expecting the other one to come out and beg the other one to do the same, and we never did, until we both gave up, went into the kitchen, made some tea, and acted like none of those dramatics ever happened.


Yes, the mother daughter relationship could make a great Lifetime movie. Maybe these relationships are harder than the father son relationship for the same reason they are better, which is the fact that women communicate well. We are open about our feelings, and while that can make us very close, it can also make us very angry. But, no matter what your relationship is like with your mom, you won’t always have her, and when she is gone, you won’t celebrate the fact that the fights are gone. You won’t feel relieved that the drama is over. You won’t say, “Good, now I don’t have to deal with her judgment anymore.” No, all you will miss are the good things about her. In fact, you may even miss some of the things that you once thought were bad, but now see you in a different light. Having your own children can certainly do that. Here are things you will miss about your mother when she is gone, so appreciate them today, while she’s here.


Complete love when you have a complete breakdown

There are not many people you will feel comfortable in your life calling in complete hysterics, crying so hard you can’t get one word out, but your mom will always be one of them. After a break up, after losing a job, or after anything that leaves you balling, you always know you can call your mom and her tone will immediately be completely sweet and completely nurturing.

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