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OG And CECE's Basketball Wives Viewing Party

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Cece Gutierrez is tired y’all, and honestly, who could blame her?

She purposely (and per Byron Scott’s recommendation) kept her distance for a few episodes after constantly being pushed into a corner to explain her fractured relationship with Kristen Scott by her Basketball Wives co-stars. The minute she tried to come back around in the hopes of having a good and peaceful time in Costa Rica, so began the bullsh-t.

At dinner, when she and Kristen were asked if they had been in communication, they both stated that they were fine not speaking; but of course, Evelyn Lozada had to stir the spot. She told the ladies that if she were Kristen, she could never see herself dealing with Cece again because Cece told OG about Kristen’s husband’s father not biologically being Byron. We know that OG went and put that information on blast during a disagreement with Kristen.

So back down the unnecessary rabbit hole we went of Cece trying to explain herself. She tried to get the women to understand why sharing that information with OG wasn’t a betrayal as Kristen painted herself out to be the victim as always, and everyone else involved themselves in the conversation to gang up on Cece — yet again.

And, yes, yet again, Cece tried to physically exit the situation because she didn’t want to argue about the same old thing with a person she no longer wanted to deal with. Resigned to lick her wounds in the van and in the separated suite she shared with Jackie and OG, Cece teared up recounting the ways in which she felt betrayed by Kristen. She cried when talking about how she dealt with a lot of negativity when she got with Byron, which she confided in Kristen about because she thought they were close. Cece said she hated her because she made her look like the bad guy to everyone else.

For a minute there, it looked like it was going to be a really rough girls’ trip for Cece. However, she stopped crying and started getting mad. Real mad. She didn’t get angry at Kristen though (she told y’all she was done with that girl), but rather, Evelyn.

After going on an ATV ride with Malaysia Pargo, Feby Torres and OG, Cece no longer had qualms about telling the ladies how she felt about Evelyn, calling her everything from dangerous to a full-fledged hoodrat. She said it in front of Evelyn’s minion, Feby, and to Malaysia, who of course tried to dissuade her from speaking so openly and negatively about her friend.

When the information got back to Evelyn via Feby, Ev actually broke out laughing. The women did impressions of Cece and of how they assumed she would storm away and deny her comments when Evelyn would confront her later that evening. Malaysia said nothing as they basically made fun of her good family friend. That’s how little respect everyone had for Cece, per the usual.

But when it was time for the ladies to meet up for dinner and for that confrontation to happen, for the first time, but it seems, not the last, Cece welcomed the confrontation. She had some things to get off of her chest.

When Evelyn tried to break the silence by telling Cece that she heard she had so much to say about her, Cece kept the same energy she had after ATV riding and went in. It was only for a few seconds (the rest we will see next week), but it was glorious. Cece told Evelyn that yes, she had plenty to say about her, but it was nothing she probably hadn’t heard before. She called her a “b—h,” told her that she was evil and that she couldn’t mind her own business:

Evelyn’s mouth dropped, as did the mouths of the rest of the women, because they weren’t expecting Cece to go off; but really, it was a long time coming.

Outside of this wack a– trip to Costa Rica, the women have given Cece a hard time since she debuted in Season 7. Despite her efforts to come into the group peacefully, she was falsely accused of giving “happy endings” at the medical spa she owns by Jennifer and Evelyn. When she confronted them about how ridiculous and mean their “jokes” about such claims were, they berated her and called her “dumb as f–k,” as though her feelings didn’t matter. She’s been hit with an inaccurate racist comment from Evelyn, who referred to her as “Lee Lee,” and been completely abandoned by Kristen, who chose befriending the popular girls over standing by family. She’s been made to embarrassingly sit in the hot seat at numerous events (from Tami’s brunch to Feby’s concert) to explain and make amends for her behavior in front of all of the women. She’s also been ganged up on by Kristen and Byron’s daughter LonDen at Malaysia’s home. She’s been called a clout chaser by Thomas Scott, and been purposely left out of family meetings.

She’s cried about it. She’s talked to Byron about it. She sent OG on people to help her deal with her problems. But finally, Cece realized that no one would be able to fight her battles for her BUT her, and if there was ever a chance to receive some respect, she was going to have to snatch it. So she was ready for Evelyn. She didn’t back down or deny anything. She finally owned what she said completely, and unlike most of the women on this show now, she confidently said it back — and then some. It was bold, it was shocking, and it was right on time. If you continue to poke a bear, at some point, they’re going to bite you — or maybe karate chop you in the face? We can’t say 100 percent what Cece is capable of when she turns into Cecilia…

All that being said, I look forward to continuing to watch her stand her ground with Evelyn, and get sis so irate that her only resort is to unsuccessfully try to run up and attack Cece with a big a– leaf because her words just won’t work. Glorious!

Give ’em hell, Cecilia. They deserve it…

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