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Byron Scott and Cece Gutierrez and Kristen Scott

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So Kristen tried it, per the usual.

The Byron-hates-me-because-of-Cece storyline is still what Kristen Scott is going with this season, but she went into episode 12 saying that she wanted to try and fix things with her father-in-law and Cece’s Gutierrez’s man, Byron Scott. Despite not being able to mend things with Cece, Kristen finally was able to acknowledge that she may have been in the wrong for putting on blast, on national television, that Byron doesn’t make an effort to see she and husband Thomas’ daughter. With that in mind, she wanted to have a dinner with Byron and Thomas to talk things thorough; the only problem was that she didn’t want to invite Cece. She said she didn’t see why Cece would need to be there because she just wanted to hash things out with Byron. When she shared her plans with Malaysia, for the first time ever, Malaysia let her know that she was wrong for doing that.

“You’re being dismissive to someone he loves, and that’s disrespectful.”

Anyone with a little sense could see how that would be disrespectful to Cece, and in turn, disrespectful to Byron. Still, Kristen tried to go through with her dinner in the hopes of fixing things between she and Byron for Thomas and Kenzi’s sake. But as Cece put it, her “stunt” of inviting Byron to dinner without her was petty, and Byron wasn’t with the petty sh-t. That’s why he didn’t show up for dinner, instead, opting to enjoy a baseball game and showing he too can be petty when he deems it necessary.

“I’m extremely disappointed that Byron chose to go to a baseball game instead of meeting up to fix this, especially when it comes to his son and his granddaughter,” Kristen said. “I feel like, here we go again. He’s showing us how unimportant it really is to him.”

If you’ve been watching the show, you already know how much Byron is not here for Kristen. He literally said on camera earlier this season that the same way Kristen didn’t want Cece at their ponderosa dinner, he doesn’t want Kristen at his wedding.

“Through all the stuff that she’s said, I still haven’t heard a word from her, which is to me, kind of crazy,” he said at the time. “So I want my sons to be there, but I don’t particularly want her there.”

I get the feeling that Byron can see through Kristen’s intentions, and if it’s true as Cece said that she waited a whole year to sit down and apologize to Byron for making him feel attacked on national television, he probably finds her to be an opportunist. He may also find her to be disloyal. If you’ll recall, Cece and Kristen joined Basketball Wives together, and yet, Kristen chose to make fitting in with the other ladies a priority over maintaining her relationship with his future wife.

But most of all, I think Byron is trying to send a message, not only to his daughter-in-law, but to his family. They don’t have to like Cece, but if they want to have a healthy relationship with him, they’re going to have to respect her; not show up to ambush her with their grievances, or to say that she’s around him for clout. He’s been able to talk privately with Thomas to make sure they’re good, which we’re glad to hear, because that is the only relationship that truly matters in this situation. However, he’s made it clear that if you’re going to be dismissive of the woman he’s chosen to love, he’s going to be dismissive to you. So if Kristen is serious about mending fences, she needs to cut the petty stuff, own her words and actions (as should Cece), and stop waiting for cameras to come around to do the right thing…

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