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The ladies of Basketball Wives and their hypocrisy, I tell you.

So episode 11 was a tough one for Jackie Christie. The lone actual basketball wife started the episode preparing to get her son, Doug, Jr., ready to go off to college. Soon after, we saw her standing outside of Jennifer Williams’ event for her late mother, yelling and cursing about Feby talking bad about her and goading her to come out. It wasn’t a good look, honestly.

She also had to confront some of the issues she’d been facing inside and outside the group in therapy with Dr. Delena Zimmerman (that woman is deep). In addition to that, Jackie faced rumors that she fed “the blogs” lies about her clash with Malaysia Pargo and her family at the skating rink party, which she denied. But the moment that really stuck out for me this episode was Jackie walking into a lie detector test planned by Evelyn Lozada.

Even though she was able to pass most of the test, Jackie showed “a major sign of deception” when it came to the questions about whether or not she leaked stories to the press about Malaysia. That information left Jackie in tears, and when Evelyn came over to give her a hug, she said in response, “You shouldn’t be putting me through this, Ev.”

All I could think was, “Ain’t that the truth…”

Out of all the lies that have been told on this series, this is what we’re testing folks about? If they sold an unflattering story to blogs? It’s quite odd when you consider the drama that has already occurred in this season alone. Why wasn’t Jennifer tested over the allegations that she talked negatively about Malaysia’s kids and Evelyn’s daughter? Why hasn’t Feby been tested over the statements she’s made about OG and Tami and Jackie? Why wasn’t Cece tested about whether or not she was out here sending mean texts about OG before they were friends?

Or we can take it back and test Evelyn and Jennifer over the happy ending rumor they were sharing about Cece. We could test Evelyn to ensure that she didn’t sleep with Shaq as she claimed. We could test Jennifer to find out whether it was she or Tami who brought that rumor to light since sis couldn’t find her receipts.

What I’m saying is, we could have tested damn near everybody on this show over claims against them, but they were never objected to that and made to prove themselves. Why Jackie?

Probably because she’s allowed herself to constantly be privy to foolishness by people in this group (and taken part in it) so she can get along with them. They talk about her being crazy and even low-key insult her to her face at times and she’s allowed it. If we’re being honest, Jackie buys whatever these women are selling. She has stood by and watched them talk poorly about everyone, including her actual friends, and 95 percent of the time, she has not called out the bullsh-t (just run back and told the person what was said). How can she be surprised that they’re talking about her and using information that she gave them to make her look like the bad guy? They love making her look the fool, and she lets them do it.

With that being said, we’re allowing people who throw us under the bus to push us into taking lie detector tests? The rest of the cast would never — and has never.

All that out the way, the test was just ridiculous, and another example of Evelyn getting knee-deep in business that’s not hers after telling others not to do the same. The faux court situation to allow everyone to plead their case was immature, but setting someone up for a lie detector test isn’t? As I said, the hypocrisy…

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