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Jennifer Williams is one of those complicated figures who you want to feel sorry for one minute, but then they prove to you why you can’t the next.

Let’s just call a thing a thing: She’s messy. She reminded me of that during episode 8 of Basketball Wives when she met up with Kristen Scott and Evelyn Lozada and couldn’t keep herself out of someone else’s issues. Granted, she had just redeemed herself in Evelyn’s eyes in San Diego after taking some responsibility for speaking negatively about Shanice, but she didn’t waste any time getting back to the gossip. It was like she was super proud to get to be messy again, and not be the one in the hot seat anymore.

The gossip she was salivating over was a text message CeCe sent Kristen, saying OG was “unattractive” and looked like a man. Now, that message was sent more than a year ago when CeCe used to be close with Kristen, before she was friendly with OG, and after Kristen got into it with OG at her pool party. In her attempt to defend her then-friend, it seems CeCe decided to take some jabs at OG and her style. Was it nice? No. Was it Jennifer’s business? Hell no.

But there sis was, grasping for the tea before it ever whistled on the stove: “So what are you saying? CeCe was talking sh-t about OG?”

This text message mess was something Evelyn said she knew for a long time (because she too is messy “AF”), and Jennifer, not wanting to be the last one to know drama, said she felt left out and wanted to be filled in. From there, Evelyn asked to see Kristen’s “receipts,” and after Jennifer saw them, she made it her personal mission to help OG find out the truth.

“I like OG, but I think OG really rides for CeCe and I just really want OG to see who CeCe really is,” she said.

Later on in the episode, she took it upon herself to make sure that happened. At Feby’s performance, which OG attended to address the rapper about writing diss raps referencing her, the topic of CeCe not really being a friend to OG came up and Jennifer literally marched over to address it.

“I have something to say!” she said as she walked over and into Feby and OG’s conversation. “Waiting for Kristen to expose this tea is going to take a lifetime, and why wait for good [inaudible]?” she said in her confessional. “So if Kristen isn’t going to expose CeCe for who she is, then I will.”

She told OG in front of everyone that CeCe is not really her friend, and when Jennifer was asked why she would say that, she replied, “Because of something I just learned. I don’t have the receipt, Kristen has the receipt.”

Mind you, Kristen was present. However, she hadn’t opened her mouth, and hadn’t jumped at the chance to share the “receipt” the minute CeCe’s name was brought up (at least not in the same way she did with Evelyn and Jennifer over drinks). But there Jennifer was, trying to play bone collector, putting receipts she didn’t own on blast and trying to create dissension. She definitely did, because OG saw the messages and was hurt, especially when CeCe played like she couldn’t remember whether or not she ever sent them. CeCe, who had only been at the show for a short time before being accosted about her old texts, ended up leaving; and OG, who didn’t feel like her friend took ownership of her past comments, ended the night feeling like she didn’t know who she could trust.

Great job, Jenn.

With all that being said, I’m not disappointed in Jennifer because my expectations aren’t the highest in the first place. However, I’m baffled by the fact that she’s so committed to drama whenever she gets back in the circle. Specifically, anytime she gets back good with Evelyn, it’s like she can’t stay out of the bullsh-t. Last season, the minute she and Evelyn were friends again, she started spreading gossip immediately. She told Shaunie that Tami was upset with her because she didn’t laugh at jokes Tami came up with about Evelyn at her comedy show. She stirred drama by telling the ladies Tami said to say hi to everybody “but not everybody” (in reference to Evelyn), so that they could talk sh-t about her. She and Evelyn pushed a rumor they claimed they heard about CeCe giving “happy endings” at her medical spa. She laughed and joked with Evelyn about the way Tami walks and was just knee-deep in all kinds of sh-t, going from woman to woman with some mess. The only thing that stopped her, albeit briefly, was when Tami put her on blast as the one who pushed the rumor that Evelyn slept with Shaq, and when Malaysia exposed her for negatively speaking about Shanice.

But even still, in the midst of being at odds with the group, Jennifer stirred the pot. She tried to downplay the comments she made about Evelyn and Shaq, saying it likely wasn’t the first time Shaunie had heard something like that about him, so it shouldn’t have been a big deal. She also told what she heard about Feby’s rap for OG, to OG, with no receipts, pretending that she was looking out for her in last week’s episode. Messy.

The only thing that seemingly wiped the slate clean for Jennifer was tears. She cried about feeling alone after the passing of her mother and said that those circumstances caused her to say and do all sorts of things she’s not proud of. She never truly owned up to her sh-t though, and because she didn’t have to, it took nothing for her to step back into her old ways, as we saw last night.

For every season Jennifer has been on this show, she’s been involved in all kinds of rumors and quarrels. I used to think that people like Malaysia and Tami were overreacting when they said they didn’t want anything to do with Jennifer because she’s messy, but now I understand why. Sh-t-stirrers are dangerous. They create division and rarely say they’re sorry about it. They can’t thrive if they’re not being told about who said and did what, and when the opportunity strikes, they have to expel that information because they can’t figure out anything else to talk about. That is textbook messy. Now I see why she and Evelyn were best friends for so long…

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