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Out of all of the women cast in Season 7 of Basketball Wives, it’s clear that CeCe Gutierrez is deemed to be the weakest and easiest target by the ladies. That has to be the case, because despite being one of the oldest in the group, she gets no respect. They have no problem ganging up on her and talking to her like she is a kid.

In Sunday night’s episode, the women, with the exception of Tami and Jennifer (for now…), have traveled to Amsterdam by Shaunie’s invitation while she is there to do work for her cannabis business. At dinner, after some obvious attempts to lay low among the ladies to avoid drama, CeCe is called out by Evelyn on a number of things. First, Evelyn does Shaunie’s dirty work by calling out CeCe for allegedly not saying “hello” at any point to the woman who put the trip together. And while I would agree that’s wrong, as someone who strongly believes in speaking when you see folks, CeCe does apologize for her moment of inconsideration.

From there, Evelyn then calls her out for claiming that “they” don’t really work, which is false information she received from flip-flopper Kristen. In actuality, in a moment of anger after Malaysia’s disastrous wig event, CeCe said that they should all go to Kristen, Evelyn and Jennifer’s jobs and see what they do since they talk so recklessly about her work. The rest of the ladies weren’t included in that shade.

Finally, Evelyn called out CeCe for calling her and Jennifer “Tweetledee and Tweetledumber.” That was the only criticism CeCe proudly stood by. She said that from jump, Evelyn, who she ended up calling “Evil-yn” had been mean to her. Evelyn responded to her new nicknames by calling CeCe, “Lee Lee,” which was an alleged reference to an Asian nail shop worker. The comment was obviously supposed to be a dig at her race, but the gag is, CeCe is Filipino (with a Polynesian connection). Despite the ugliness and inaccuracy of such statements, Evelyn seemed quite smug and pleased with herself, blaming her usage of “Lee Lee” as her just being “ghetto.” Per the usual, the women kept their shock and disappointment to themselves while yet another woman from their group said something very f–ked up. This despite Malaysia always going out of her way to get CeCe to see the error in her comments and ways.

It was pretty ridiculous honestly, especially since CeCe was telling the truth. Since she started on the show, the women have given her a hard time, Jennifer, Evelyn and Kristen in particular. For no reason, they joked that CeCe, who is a registered nurse who owns a medical spa, was offering up “happy endings” in her clinic. They “sort of” apologized for it, but only after claiming it was just a joke as opposed to slander. When she threw an event and invited all the ladies, they brought drama to it. Kristen, who she seemed close with in the beginning (CeCe dates Byron Scott, Kristen father-in-law), continuously stirred up drama with her, sided with the ladies CeCe beefed with in an attempt to be a part of the in-crowd, but always wanted to be the hurt, maligned party.

Truthfully, people have found every reason they can to try and pick at CeCe. When she doesn’t defend herself the way they’d like, they tell her to “grow a backbone.” When she does defend herself, they tell her she needs to watch what she says. When she brings up how messed up the comments about her giving “happy endings” were (and they really were), she is treated like she needs to get over it already and called “dumb as f–k.” Everyone pretends to be so mistreated by the one person they continuously treat like scum under their shoe, and it’s tired.

Truth be told, they all have petty issues with her that they won’t admit. The fact that her degree is brought up all of the time shows that some are intimidated because she is a woman who decided to pursue education as opposed to athletes for a come-up. And Kristen has said that she had a stronger relationship with Byron’s ex-wife, so she may have been more than ready to throw CeCe under the bus when she came into the picture. As for Evelyn, as much as she loves to pretend that she doesn’t talk about CeCe, she has talked greasy about her since the beginning. They’ve talked about her breast implants, her work, her alleged past of thirst-trapping in gyms — and they’ve literally talked about her right behind her back on the bus in Amsterdam. How is someone you deem so weak such a threat all of a sudden? Folks sound panini pressed to me.

Not only does Evelyn owe CeCe an apology for making a racially demeaning remark about her, but the rest of the women do as well, because they sat back and let it slide. Not a “That’s not cool now,” or a “Hey, let’s not take it there” to be found. If the tables were turned, and Evelyn hadn’t been the one to say it, that wouldn’t have been the case — not with the slur or the “happy endings” drama. They all have been disloyal, disrespectful and just all-around petty to someone they know can’t take it. But hey, if you can’t beat ’em, break ’em down right?

I’m not the only one who is #TeamCeCe this week. Hit the flip to see the reactions Twitter had to the way CeCe was treated during Sunday night’s episode.

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