Things Flaky People Do That Reliable People Can’t Stand

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I pride myself on being reliable. I keep a very detailed calendar. The minute a plan comes up, I put it in my calendar. I’ll pull my car over to jot something into my G-cal if I’m driving and someone calls me to discuss a plan. I send myself email reminders the day before and then the morning before an event. I set alarms. I often set multiple alarms. And when I say I’ll do something, there’s almost nothing stopping me from doing it besides my death or severe illness. So, when people are flaky I just…think there’s no excuse. I know how to stay on top of my appointments and obligations and I know that these other adults have access to all of the organizational tools I have. If you’re like me, then you know that these things flaky people do drive reliable people crazy.


Blame the alarm

“My alarm didn’t go off” or “I fell asleep.” I’m sorry but, I don’t buy it. Maybe if this happens one time with a friend who is otherwise very reliable, I’ll buy it. But when someone who I know has a tendency to be flaky simply doesn’t show up for plans and later claims she took a nap and her alarm just didn’t go off, I don’t buy it. We all have smartphones these days. Those alarms go off.

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