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Married at First Sight cast Season 9

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Why do people sign up for Married at First Sight and then take issue with the non-problematic lives their new spouses lived before they married them?

I’m asking that after watching Wednesday’s episode and seeing Iris, who was something like the FBI rummaging through Keith’s place post-honeymoon, stumbling upon an empty box of condoms. The fact that she opened up everything in his home was enough to make you give her a side-eye, but her reaction to the condoms, or lack thereof, was the cherry on top.

Keith had a box of Trojan Magnums that were empty sitting in a Crown Royal bag in his bedside drawer, and Iris said in her confessional, “Seeing the box of condoms completely empty makes me feel upset. It’s like, damn! Who the hell did you use them on?”

The women he had sex with, girl. Duh.

“The fact that it’s empty is really killing me,” she said. “I don’t know how to feel about that. I’m not a happy camper about it, especially with me not being sexually active and him having a whole box of condoms that are empty. That is sitting a little interestingly on me right now.”

Keith told her that what was left of the condoms was in his unpacked bag from the honeymoon (he wanted to be prepared in case she wanted to lose her virginity). She then needed to see these condoms in his bag, and when she did, she came upon three, which was another facet of this situation that made her uncomfortable. He said they were the last three he had in the box, and she said, “That’s the whole point!”

She jumped to the conclusion that Keith could have been a nymphomaniac of some sort up until the wedding day, and let her mind wander with uncomfortable thoughts. Keith, however, handled it perfectly.

“I think a big question is, how productive is it for our relationship?” he asked.

That simple question brought Iris out of her state of paranoia and made her realize, as everyone watching could see, that she was overreacting.

“For me to like, think that, it’s my own crap that I need to talk to myself about.”

Keith reminded her that they’re together now and that stuff that happened before can’t be a part of what they work through in their marriage, which is facts.

Seriously, though, Iris was doing a lot. I can relate to her in the sense that when I started dating my husband, who is older, he had a lot sexual experience and I had virtually none, but I didn’t focus on what he may have experienced with anyone else, because once you get the mind working like that, it’s a dark hole. It pulls out all your insecurities, concerns that you won’t be enough for your partner because of your lack of experience, and it will cause you to do what Iris did, which is bicker about something that can’t be changed. All she can do is be grateful for his patience as she continues to maintain her virginity, and look forward. I’m sure there are things in her past that don’t have to do with sex that Keith could nitpick if he wanted to, but as he stated, “how productive is it for our relationship?”

They need to focus on building together, communicating, getting comfortable with one another so they can have sex eventually, and leave the past in the past. Oh, and that investigation she did through his things also needs to be her last foray into snooping because they already have enough to work through without her going around looking for trouble…


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