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Married at First Sight cast Season 9

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During last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, we were able to see Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley meet and say “I do.” They immediately had great chemistry, they look good together, and conversation seems to flow easily between them. However, one conversation that Iris wasn’t able to have with her new husband on their big day was about her virginity; that’s because once Keith’s mother caught wind of the information, she ran back and told him, which made for an awkward moment.

It all started when his mom went to chat with Iris at the reception about her beautiful, blisteringly white gown. Iris shared that the “purity of the white is purity reflecting for me. I’m a virgin.”

When she let that cat out of the bag, Keith’s mom seemed shocked, but in the moment, she came off very supportive. Moments later, she turned around and did a big no-no by spilling the beans to Keith.

“I don’t know how many virgins he’s encountered, but to have married a virgin? That’s huge,” she said. “I think it is important that my son know the significance behind why she’s wearing a white dress.”

So she had at it, asking him if he knew the significance of a bride in a white dress. When Keith said he didn’t get the color significance, mama told him that meant Iris had never had sex. They both called the information “heavy.”

“Just thought I should share,” she said.

Why though? I get Keith’s mom wanting to be protective of her son, letting him know what he’s getting himself into, but if he could choose to marry a stranger, he can deal with what comes with that.

This is important information that perhaps Iris wanted to wait later in the evening, possibly in a more private setting, to share with her new husband. Only a few hours had passed between when they met at the altar and when he found out, so the move by his mother came off as more messy than mandatory.  Not to mention, by telling Keith in the moment, at the reception, you could tell it made him somewhat stressed at a time when he didn’t need to feel that way.

“It definitely gives me a sense of nervousness, a sense of a lot of pressure,” he said to cameras. “This is somebody who’s trusting me to be as caring and compassionate with them as I can be.”

While Keith didn’t say he wouldn’t be up for the challenge, one can only imagine how much better this may have gone, how much reassurance he could have received from Iris, if she had been the one to share her own business with him. With that being said, I don’t think Keith’s mom had bad intentions whatsoever, but it wasn’t the smartest move as someone who will eventually try and build a loving, trusting, bond with Iris. If she can’t trust that she can tell his mother something without her going back and stirring the pot, it could make things very complicated in the future.

The good news is, as Keith’s grandmother said during the episode, Iris seems to be able to go with the flow of things, and she comes off as very forgiving and understanding. I don’t see this creating major tension. Still, we hope this will be the first and last misstep from mama Manley…

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