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You guys can have Feby Torres, because I’m already done with her.

The newest addition to the group and Evelyn’s friend was asked what she thought of the ladies while hanging with Evelyn and Shaunie during last night’s episode. She said she was feeling out everybody but one woman – OG. Feby was holding a grudge over the fact that OG asked her if she had a gag order after she introduced herself at the party Shaunie held in episode one as the mother of two kids by NBA star Lance Stephenson. She brought this gripe up again later during a wine tasting with Evelyn, Kristen and Kristen’s friend Vinessa near the end of the episode.

“She’s had a comment about me,” she said to Kristen. “OG’s trying to come for me just like she’s trying to come for your family, girl.”

She then took things a step further and came for OG on a sensitive subject: fertility.

“He gave me these kids because he wanted these kids,” she said. “Now when Kwame give you a kid, if you can have a kid, then we can talk about something, b—h.”

She made this comment in front of Evelyn, who not too long ago was going through her own fertility struggles on the show. Evelyn didn’t even respond with shock, but rather, she just put her head down and laughed.

I was immediately disgusted. The term “weaponizing” was thrown around quite a bit during last night’s episode to refer to OG’s use of information about who Thomas’ biological father really is. However, true weaponizing was occurring when Feby tried to come for OG’s fertility, not knowing anything about the state of it.

Women on this show use their lives and what they deem important life markers, like having a husband, having been married in the past or at least having kids by an NBA player, to sh-t on one another, and it’s tired. Feby isn’t the first to do it. Kristin told OG last season that she has a husband and a child and that OG was mad that she didn’t. Evelyn has commented on Tami’s fertility while Tami has always implied that Evelyn is mad that she has a healthy happy relationship (now marriage). They both literally went back and forth last season with Tami calling Evelyn a “non-embryo having” something and Evelyn responded by saying that her eggs still work while Tami’s are “fried as f–k.”

And who could forget when Sundy Carter told Brandi Maxiell to go somewhere and try and have a kid during a disagreement, knowing that Brandi’s fertility had been compromised due to chemotherapy for cancer?

I don’t know why these women always stoop to that level. I don’t know why Feby chose to go there (as though having two kids by someone you’re no longer with is the ideal compared to a woman who is unmarried and childless but happy in her relationship). Oh wait, I do know. It’s the only way to go when you can’t adequately find fault with someone or go toe-to-toe with them.

OG is not one to hold her tongue on things she finds fraudulent and ridiculous. Because these ladies can’t seem to match OG’s straightforward comebacks, they tend to hit below the belt instead. They attack her physical looks: her makeup, her hair, her breasts. They attack her partner, Kwame, and even allow people to comment on her deceased brother. And as of yesterday’s episode, they even go after her fertility. Still, the energy they have when they say these things behind her back is not the same energy they have in her face.

In the trailer for what is to come in Season 8, Shaunie said that OG’s “aggression is driving a wedge between her and everybody else.” However, it’s not aggression, it’s tell-it-to-your-face realness. While they call her out for superficial things, and for what they believe keeps them a step above her, she calls them out about their pettiness, their choices and their character flaws, and folks can’t take it, so they go to the gutter. Feby, in just a few episodes, has proven that with her comment, which was shared with everyone but OG. It’s fake, it’s scary, and it’s just gross. But sadly, it’s the only way these ladies have conducted themselves for eight seasons.


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