Why Being A Single Friend Adopted By A Couple Is The Best

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I’m currently in a relationship so I’m not the single person who has been adopted by a couple. However, when I was single, there was a very nice couple who just took me in (not literally—I lived separately from them—but emotionally), cared about my struggles, and really invested in my life. There was something particularly comforting about having a committed couple be my close friends like that. Today, my serious boyfriend and I certainly have a good single friend whom we have “adopted.” All three of us just get along like peas in a pod. My boyfriend and I both think she’s just such a catch and we really want her to find her special someone. We’re protective of her, and we genuinely enjoy having her around—she never feels like a third wheel. And I know she gets perks from it, too. Here’s why being the single friend adopted by a couple is the best.


You get a male friend, without the weirdness

As the single woman, you get a male friend out of being friends with this couple, but it doesn’t come with any of the weirdness that can often come with befriending a man. He’s in a relationship, so that’s that. And furthermore, you hang with him and his partner. It’s very much established that this is a platonic male friend, and having those is so important.


The woman isn’t distracted by single life

The woman in the relationship makes an incredible friend and wing woman. She isn’t distracted by dating apps when you’re trying to have dinner. She isn’t looking anywhere but at you when you’re at a bar. She’s happy in her relationship—she’s settled—so she can make a really good listener and devoted buddy.


The built-in comfort level

If the couple who adopts you has been together for a long time, there is this deep built-in comfort amongst all of you. The couple can’t be bothered with things like holding in sarcastic comments or farts. Everything just flows effortlessly, and you get pulled into that easy way of communicating. Everybody is very open and honest.


They’ll give you relationship advice

This couple can give you good relationship advice. They have that outsider’s perspective, but that insider knowledge on what makes a relationship work. They can instantly see when a guy is leading you on, or when a guy could be a good match for you and you don’t even see it.


They’re the best during breakups

Hanging with a committed couple when you’re going through a breakup is actually really nice. You may think it would just put salt in the wound, but that’s only true if it’s a brand new couple who is still all over each other. If this is a couple who has been together for over five years and living together for a long time, they’re more like a comforting set of parents than some hot and heavy couple. You can just go crash on their couch while you’re heartbroken and they’ll serve you ice cream.


They make great travel companions

Traveling with a couple is fun because, again, there is that built-in comfort. Nobody is being precious over what they want to do or where they want to go. Couples just pee with the doors open, blatantly tell you, “I don’t want to go to that museum it sounds boring I’ll meet you later,” and just put it all out there in a way that makes travel easier. Nobody silently harbors resentment over missing some walking tour.


They’ll cook for you

Couples will cook for you. They don’t like to throw out leftovers. They’ll invite you over to eat with them, because they’re already cooking up a big batch of food. And the meals they make are much better than the sad, microwaved meals for one you make yourself.


They love your dating stories

Unlike your single friends who are wrapped up in their own dating stories, the committed couple loves to hear all about your dating and hookup escapades. It’s fun for them. They’re not really tapped into that world anymore, so to them, these stories are great entertainment.


You can escape your roommate

When you need to escape your annoying roommate who makes a mess and hosts parties without asking you, you can go to the couple’s home. Couples seem to just have tidier homes with, like, good food, clean towels, and organized cabinets. Again, it’s like going to mom and dad’s house.


You’re like a practice child to them

Truly, the couple feels like you’re their practice child. They text you to see how your doctor’s appointment went. They want to know all about your job interview. They genuinely hurt when you’re hurting. They’ll do a good job taking care of you because they want to prove to themselves they are ready for parenthood.


And they really love you like their own

They’ll love you like their own child. They’ll be fiercely protective of you. When a couple adopts you, they start to think, “We just wish this single woman could have the love and comfort we have because we think she’s so great. We’ll be that cocoon for her, until she finds her person.” It’s nice to have that type of companionship when you don’t yet have your life partner.


They’ll even collaborate on your life choices

They’ll invest in your life choices. They’ll go apartment hunting with you. They’ll go car shopping with you, participating in negotiating the price. They’ll help you set up your dating profiles. They’ll help you prepare for job interviews.


They give you hand-me-downs

Because there are two of them, they may have twice the…televisions, couches, air conditioning units—you name it. They collected these when they were still single, and now that they have someone, they’re getting rid of the excess. You’re first in line for those donations.


They take setups seriously

They know you well, so they’ll take setups very seriously. They won’t just toss you any halfway decent single guy they know. They know what works for you and what doesn’t. They’ll set you up on some quality blind dates.


Holidays with them are a party

If you don’t feel like going out for a holiday, but you also don’t want to be alone, have dinner with a couple. It’s instantly a little party because there are three of you. They, too, are happy for the friendship because they also don’t like clubs anymore, but wanted some socializing.





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