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too sensitive and emotional

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Over the years, I’ve had a couple of friends who were just so sensitive that I had to keep my distance. I couldn’t possibly have them be a part of my inner circle because simply keeping them from getting upset was a full-time job. I felt as if I was always walking on eggshells, and at any given moment, could get in trouble for something I couldn’t have possibly seen coming or prevented. They had big hearts, and were always there for me when I needed them, but the level of attention and devotion they required in return for their friendship was just too much to ask of me. As someone who lets most things roll of her shoulder, who gives people the benefit of the doubt, and who rarely reads into things, I just can’t have overly-sensitive friends. Now, if you feel like the opposite of what I just described, you may be the friend who is too sensitive.


When you get bad news late

You find out something difficult happened to a friend—she had emergency surgery or lost a job—but you find out a while after it happened. It turns out some of the other friends knew about it right away, but not you. You immediately get upset that you received the news late.

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