What To Know Before Working With A Friend

March 4, 2019  |  
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working with friends pros and cons

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It’s not inconceivable that two friends would find a reason to work together, or would even come up with a business idea together. You may have become friends because you work in the same or adjacent industries. And, since you do have the same interests and passions, you likely chat about these, and spark ideas. You see businesses started by friends all of the time. But there’s one thing I know every friend-business-duo will tell you: working with your friend changes the friendship forever. It just does. Your friendship won’t be the exception. I’ve worked with friends several times, and even I know this to be true. Now, to be clear, I have friends who started as colleagues, and we developed a friendship after. That’s easier. There’s always that foundation of a professional relationship, and the friendship was just the cherry on top. But, starting as friends and becoming business partners is very different. Here’s what to prepare for when working with a friend.

working with friends pros and cons

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If you don’t have to, then don’t

I mean it. Only do this thing with this friend if this is literally the only person with whom you can do this thing. If you could pull it off, just as well, with a pure work acquaintance, go in that direction. Good friends are hard to come by and I promise you now, your friendship will not be the same after working together.

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