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working out in winter months

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The winter months can make it a little extra difficult to get out of bed and hit the gym. It’s not like that’s ever easy, but if the weather makes it look like the sun almost never fully rises, then you don’t really feel like rising to the occasion of cardio. The catch is that the winter and fall months are when we need exercise the most. We need those endorphins. We need the social element of exercise classes and the gym, since everyone mostly hides away in the winter. And we need to work off those special foods that come out this time of year—have you noticed how everything seems to be carb, red meat, and cheese-heavy during the winter? So, if you need motivation, here are ways to make winter workouts less depressing.

working out in winter months

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Find an energetic trainer

If you go with a trainer or find a class, find a teacher with great energy. Don’t feel bad about shopping around for trainers. You need to find someone whom you genuinely love to be around. Get a trainer with intoxicating energy you crave to be around.

working out in winter months

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Make a great playlist

Make sure you have a killer playlist. Think of songs that always get you unconsciously moving your body. Think of songs from the most celebratory moments in your life. It’s hard to stay stationary when these come on.

working out in winter months

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Add therapy lamps to a home gym

Therapy lights can be tremendously helpful at boosting energy and mood. They mimic real sunlight and are great additions to a home gym. It’ll feel like exercising outdoors.

working out in winter months

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Document it on social

Who doesn’t love a little ego boost and attention for all their hard work? Document your progress on social media. Start posting daily videos or photos at the gym. Those “Likes” will encourage you to keep going back.

working out in winter months

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Utilize scents

Scents can affect our mood tremendously. You’ve likely noticed the way, for example, the scents in a yoga studio can calm you or the scents in a store can energize you. If you have a home gym, consider adding candles or incense that give off energizing smells. Cinnamon, rosemary, jasmine, peppermint, and lemon are just some.

working out in winter months

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Join a new class

The prospect of learning a new skill and taking in new information has a way of perking up our brains. It gets parts of our brain firing that are usually left dormant. The winter is a great time to switch up your routine, and try a new kind of workout.

working out in winter months

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Exercise in groups 

Make this social time! You’ll want to work out if it means getting to see your crew. Get a group of friends to agree that you’ll meet two or three times a week for a workout class, or to hike the stairs at your local track field.

working out in winter months

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Get a great squad 

Cultivate your workout group carefully. Don’t accept anyone with bad vibes. You don’t need them around. What you chat about during your workouts will be just as important as the workout itself. Don’t invite anyone who tends to complain a lot and just be negative.

working out in winter months

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Involve your pup

Your pet is probably feeling cramped up during the winter. Find some adventures for him. Look up new parks or hiking paths you can take him to throughout the week. Seeing how happy this makes your pet will encourage you to keep going.

working out in winter months

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Get into nature

The winter can actually be quite beautiful if you visit the right places. Maybe it looks grey in the city, but if you get out of the city and into nature, you’ll actually really enjoy exercising outdoors.

working out in winter months

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Exercise mid-day

If you can break away from work, schedule your workouts for the middle of the day. That’s when the sun is highest in the sky, so you can get some much-needed vitamin D while you’re out there.

working out in winter months

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Treat yourself to new gear

A new outfit always puts a little pep in my step, and that extends to workout clothes. Get some brightly colored, super-flattering new workout clothes. You’ll want to exercise just so you can wear them.

working out in winter months

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Try hot yoga

Hot yoga is perfect for the winter. It will chase away that chill that’s deep in your bones. It will also put you in a really uplifting environment, and give you some time to reflect after the long day.

working out in winter months

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Try goofy classes

Try something goofy. Is there a class that combines hip-hop dancing and ballet? Is there a boot camp that incorporates singing mantras? If you get a chance to laugh when you work out, you’ll want to go back.

working out in winter months

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Work towards a luxury bath

Treat yourself to a luxurious bath after every workout. That will encourage you to do it. Get some really great-smelling bubble bath that will moisturize your skin. Add candles to the bathroom. You’ll want to exercise when that serenity is at the end.

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