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singles awareness day 2019

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Seeing as yesterday was Valentine’s Day, it’s only appropriate that today be Singles Awareness Day. Now, singles have varying feelings about this day. Some love it, and are glad someone remembered to celebrate them. Some find the holiday annoying, feeling like it’s a pity party for them. But, it’s not a pity party, by any means. Singles Awareness Day isn’t necessarily about throwing a parade for the single people in your life or making some other embarrassing spectacle. In fact, awareness and smothering are two very different things. Awareness just means being cognizant of one’s experiences, and being sure you don’t treat them differently because of extenuating circumstances like, in this case, their relationship status. For Singles Awareness Day, ask yourself if you’re forgetting your single friends in these ways.


Leaving them out of the couples vacation

Just because your friend isn’t coupled up doesn’t mean she wouldn’t enjoy the cruise or all-inclusive resort. Anyone can appreciate some fruity cocktails, pool time, live entertainment, and fun in the sun.


Not asking for their advice

Don’t only ask your friends in relationships for relationship advice. Your single friend knows you, cares about your wellbeing, and does have some emotional intelligence to impart, even if she doesn’t have a relationship.


Forgetting them for that outdoor movie

Couples events like outdoor movie night, concerts in the park, and weekend picnics—these are all activities single people enjoy, too. Don’t only think of your couples’ friends for these.


Not making their B-Day special

Make an effort to make your single friend’s birthday special. Keep in mind that she doesn’t have a significant other to do so. She needs her best friends to rally and make her feel special on her B-Day.


Failing to check in on big updates

Remember how your single friend was up for a promotion or waiting on test results regarding a medical condition? She doesn’t have a partner who checks in on the progress of these things every day like you do. So make a note of these updates in her life, and check in with her about them.


Not inviting them to the dinner party

Why shouldn’t your single friend enjoy your dinner party that’s mostly couples? Are you all just going to sit around and talk about how amazing it is to be in a couple all night? I don’t think so. It’s just a group of people you love…your single friend will probably love them, too.


Making them the only single at the dinner party

If you are going to invite your single friend to a dinner that will, otherwise, be four couples, invite another single friend, too. It’s only polite. Being a third wheel can be fun but being a ninth wheel can feel weird.


Checking in on major holidays

When holidays like New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July come around, your single friend probably has some invitation to some cool singles’ people things—but just in case, invite her to your thing.


Helping them move

You know when being single kind of sucks? On moving day. Your single friend has no man to move the big furniture for her, and paying a moving company is expensive. So ask your man, and some of his buddies, to help your single friend move.


Helping with airport rides

She also doesn’t have that free, built-in airport ride that you have when you’re in a relationship. So if she has a trip coming up and you can drive her, offer to take her to the airport.


Arranging carpools/DD’s

Couples always have a designated driver or someone to carpool with—they have each other. Your single friend is riding stag, paying for an expensive Uber or taxi. Or, she’s paying for the expensive event parking, all on her own. If you know friends coming from her neighborhood to the event, put them in touch so they can carpool.


Only talking relationships around them

At girl’s night, just because most of the ladies are in relationships doesn’t mean you should just talk about relationships the whole time. It excludes your single friend.


Not taking their dating life seriously

It’s true that you have no idea where things will go with this guy that your friend has been on four dates with. But don’t be dismissive when she talks about it. Remember when you were single? Four successful dates was a big deal!


Leaving them out of kid talk

Don’t presume you can’t talk to your single friend about a desire to have kids, or even plans to have kids, just because she’s single. Single motherhood is a thing, after all.


Not celebrating their achievements

Just because she isn’t engaged or announcing a pregnancy, doesn’t mean that your single friend doesn’t have some awesome stuff going on. Celebrate her achievements and announcements, as much as you would an engagement announcement.

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