Why Being A Third Wheel Is Actually The Best

September 13, 2018  |  
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People can be pretty negative about the third wheel setup but I, personally, have always loved tagging along with my couple friends. If you’re confident in yourself, there’s no need to worry about being the single person sitting alone on one side of the table, with the couple sitting on the booth side, snuggling. Being third wheel doesn’t automatically mean you don’t have other friends. And, you don’t need to focus on the fact that you’re half of one part of a double date. Don’t think of it in terms of any of that—you’re not an incomplete part of a couple. You’re your own entity, enjoying the perks that come from being single, and spending time around a loving couple. And the perks are plentiful. Stop panicking when your buddy bails on you, leaving you third wheel. Think about the upsides. Being a third wheel is something you’ll miss when you’re not single. Here is why hanging with a couple when single is actually the best.


Sometimes they pick up the check

They split an appetizer and a bottle of wine, and you just got your little measly bowl of pasta. They’re not going to ask you to give them $11.95 when they’re already throwing down $60 for their part. You know they just grab the whole tab.


You’re technically a free agent

You don’t have to stay by the side of the couple the way you might have to babysit a single friend. The couple doesn’t mind if you wander around, meet other people, and come back to them when you’re ready.


They have double the friends

Each person in the couple has a full network of friends. That’s two networks for you to meet—maybe you’ll make other friends through those networks, or meet a special someone.


They love your dating stories

Long-term couples love your dating stories—they love them even more than your single friends do. To them, the meet cutes and the hookups are exciting because they haven’t had them in a long time.


They’re very comfortable together

Couples are just so comfortable together. Their communication is so fluid. They call each other out on their sh*t. They keep conversation loose and honest.


They’re like godparents

Couples just want to take care of you. They want to feed you, give you drinks, cheer you on in your career endeavors, and make sure your dates are treating you right. Single friends just don’t look out for you like that.


You learn about relationships

You learn a lot about relationships by hanging out with serious couples. You watch their little mistakes, and the things they do right, and learn what you’d like to do similarly (or differently) in your own relationship.


You get to play judge and jury

Couples will always bring you into play judge and jury during their little debates. It’s kind of fun to have all of that power—being the final word on who is right and who is wrong.


Their home is better

A couple, with two incomes, can afford a better place than your single friends. And since they’re in it for the long haul (unlike roommates) they put time into making a really nice home environment.


They actually do fun stuff

Couples don’t just sit around singles bars. They go to museums, concerts, exhibits, restaurant openings and so on. They’re usually up to something a little more exciting than drinking at a bar.


You’re clearly single

When you’re out with a couple, any interested parties know you’re single. There’s no question about it because, out of the three of you (you, and the couple) you’re not the one kissing or holding hands with anybody. So men know they can approach.


They know how to talk you up

Couples are really good at talking you up to people you’re interested in. They just know how to compliment you and discuss your strengths and attributes.


They cover the Uber

What are they going to do? Make you pay for that last little $6 stretch of the Uber that they picked you up in? Nah. They cover the whole thing.


You’re their plus one at parties

The couple is one entity, and as such, they’re allowed to bring a plus-one to parties and events. So they bring you along to some pretty great parties.


They vet your dates well

Couples can just spot the guys who are good for you (and who aren’t) quickly. They understand how relationships should operate, and can tell when things will or won’t work out with you and somebody.

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