Why Wedding Planning Breaks Up Couples

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calling off a wedding last minute

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I was invited to a wedding recently that was called off. When I mentioned it to my friends, I was astounded to discover just how common this is. Almost everyone I know has been on the guest list for a wedding that was cancelled. When this happens, it upsets a lot of people. Guests spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on plane tickets and accommodations. The couples’ family put down some hefty non-refundable deposits on venues and vendors. Then there is the emotional roller coaster the couple put everyone through. Hopes were up and then let down. Dreams were shattered. As someone who was going to go to a wedding that then got cancelled, I couldn’t help but find myself judging the couple: why were they engaged in the first place if their relationship was clearly so weak? That’s what I thought. Perhaps my thoughts were too harsh seeing just how common this catastrophe is. Here is why planning a wedding breaks up so many couples.


Bossiness comes out

If one person has always been a bit bossy, that trait will come out in full force during the wedding planning. That person can leave her partner feel bulldozed, and feeling like his desires and feelings mean nothing. If you have a bridezilla or groomzilla who is treating the big day like just his or her big day, it can really leave the other person thinking, “Do I want to spend my life with someone who is so dismissive of my desires?”

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